What’s New: Effortless Collaboration With the Latest for GoTo Meeting, Webinar, and Training



We’re in the business of making business communication and IT easier, especially as it relates to collaboration. In this latest release, we’re providing over 60 new product updates to help our GoTo customers work together more effortlessly. Check out some of the new updates with GoTo Meeting, Training and Webinar below!


Your post-meeting tasks, action items, and wrap-ups – supercharged by AI

Preparing session recaps and follow-ups just got easier thanks to our cutting-edge Gen AI capabilities. With our AI Meeting Summary (Beta), you can now take a proactive approach to summarizing meetings and freeing up valuable time. This tool provides a head-start on summarizing key points but also effortlessly identifies action items, ensuring that follow-ups are clearly outlined for all participants. Say hello to increased efficiency and clarity for your meeting recaps.


Core Collab_March 2024_ai_meeting_summary-313x176 


An upgraded chat panel designed to enhance the meeting experience

Now, expressing yourself in meetings is more fun and interactive. With a new icon conveniently located at the bottom of the chat window, it’s easier than ever to sprinkle some personality into your conversations. But that’s not all – we’ve also introduced a highly requested feature: the pinned chat section. Organizers and participants alike can now pin crucial messages, ensuring that late joiners never miss important information. With this new functionality, everyone can easily view, access, and refer back to key messages, making collaboration smoother and more efficient. Say hello to a more engaging and organized meeting with the new chat experience.




Set a timer for discussions, quick breaks, and more in your meeting session

Designed with the needs of organizers in mind, this handy tool lets you set and start a timer to better manage your meeting. Located in the ‘Tools’ menu, you’ll be able to pause, stop, show or hide the timer from attendees once the timer is active. The timer automatically defaults to 10 minutes, but is easily adjustable to tailor the experience to suit your needs. With the new timer feature in GoTo Meeting, managing sessions has never been more efficient.


Delivering customization at your fingertips

You asked, we answered! Now webinar organizers have the freedom to tailor certificates to their exact specifications, ensuring they align perfectly with their branding needs. With options to add a logo, signature (either by uploading or drawing), and brand colors, your certificates will reflect your organization’s identity, effortlessly. Need to tweak the completion date or sender’s details? No problem – it’s all editable, giving you full control over the final product. Finally, you’ll be able to dynamically preview certificates before sending them out, ensuring everything looks just right. Creating personalized, professional certificates has never been easier.


Help plan and organize recorded webinars with co-organizers

Having co-organizers helps take the burden off the lead organizer. We’ve had co-organizers available for standard and webcast webinars, but now it’s available for recorded webinars too! Adding a co-organizer for recorded webinars will give them the same organizer tools and features to help manage polls, handouts, surveys and more for your recorded session.


Say goodbye to the tedious task of downloading reports one by one

With our latest GoTo Training update, you can now streamline the process by multi-selecting and downloading reports together in one convenient zip file. This time-saving feature eliminates the hassle of manual downloading and allows you to access all your reports with just a few clicks. Experience effortless reporting with this bulk reporting feature.


Get started today with the new features and functionality in GoTo Meeting, Webinar and Training

While we’re excited to share these new improvements, join us in our upcoming webinar where we’ll cover the latest updates and more.



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