Getting Remote Ready: Are You Focused on the Right Investment Areas?


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were thrown for quite the loop. Long-term strategies took a backseat to simply trying being productive in a completely remote environment. Organizations shifted their cultural norms and adopted new technologies to keep their employees productive and their businesses afloat.

This massive shift remote was not a short-term pivot – but rather an escalation of what we at LogMeIn have always envisioned as the future of work: a flexible, cloud-based, “work from anywhere” world. And based on our survey data from earlier in the year, all signs point to an overwhelmingly positive response to this. The benefits range from happier, more productive employees, to new cost-savings opportunities for both individuals and organizations.

Now, it’s time for leaders to take another look at that long-term strategies and re-evaluate them against today's working environment. Certain IT investment areas – such as cloud-based technology, security tools, and IT support software – have become more important for executives to consider as they push for long-term growth.

Since our founding in 2003, LogMeIn has been focused on remote work technology – from communications and security to remote access and customer engagement. So, we created a new online evaluation to help companies understand where to start their remote journey. To understand what investment priorities should rise to the top, and to unlock special offers across our portfolio, take our Remote Work Readiness quiz:

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