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Salesforce Lightning

Seamlessly connect Salesforce leads from any GoToConnect call.
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  • Sales and Marketing

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Integrate your GoToConnect phone system with Salesforce Lightning. GoToConnect's integration will streamline your team’s workflow by:

  • Providing call notifications for incoming calls
  • Giving context by populating the customer’s or lead’s SalesForce record
  • Having the ability to create notes
  • Providing call logs to track agent performance and lead conversion through SalesForce reports and dashboards
  • Create leads, accounts, and contacts from a call
  • Create notes and cases

SalesForce, together with GoToConnect, will inspire confidence with your customers by providing your team with the information they need to win.

Integrate your phone system with Salesforce Lightning or Salesforce Classic. Each time you make or receive calls, GoToConnect’s widget automatically looks for any customers that match the caller ID and logs the call with the option to add call notes.

The instructions below are for both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning.
  1. Click here to find the GoToConnect integration for Salesforce in AppExchange.
  2. Click Get It Now.
  3. In the new window, click Open Login Screen.
    Note: Make sure your popup blocker is disabled.
  4. Click Allow to allow GoToConnect to access your Salesforce account.
  5. Click Install Here under Install in This Org and then click Confirm and Install.
    Important: The integration won't work if you select Install in Sandbox. Please see troubleshooting steps below.
  6. Choose the desired group of users and then click Install.
  7. Create a picklist of custom call dispositions for your organization.
  8. Configure the integration in your Salesforce account.
What to do next: When you initiate a call from the app, it first sends the call to your desk phone or GoToConnect (the app must be open), waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound number.