Hosted VoIP and Customer Service: 5 Reasons You Should Already Be Using It


Customers today are more informed and aware of what differentiates one brand from another. So how does one differentiate themselves from the competition? By providing truly excellent customer service.

Now, here’s the thing. Thanks to the Internet, the world is getting smaller and smaller. It’s also giving customers more ways to interact and reach out to businesses. Customers don’t just ask for great customer service, they expect it. And businesses are doing everything they can to make sure that they meet their demands.

For most, hiring a larger workforce and expanding their in-house equipment to accommodate the influx of customers have become the go-to solution. However, a smarter way to approach this would be to leverage on today’s technology. This is where Hosted VoIP comes in.

Hosted VoIP’s flexibility, scalability, and robust features allow companies to deliver great customer service consistently. Here are 5 reasons why you should already be using it:

1. Allows you to offer round-the-clock service

Customers today demand efficiency. Efficiency doesn’t simply refer to getting their needs and concerns answered ASAP; they want their needs and concerns answered right now, regardless of time. If a customer wants to speak to your company’s customer service representative on a Sunday at one in the morning, you better be prepared to have someone pick up the phone, and ready to answer their questions.

Thankfully, Hosted VoIP’s efficient call forwarding options make it so much easier for brands to provide this kind of service to meet customer needs. You can make sure incoming calls are routed to a customer service team member.

2. Minimizes phone bills

Returning phone calls are intrinsically part of customer service. If you have a global customer base, this means you run the risk of racking up long distance phone bills. Fortunately, a Hosted VoIP platform offers a more cost-effective, yet still reliable way to communicate. Be sure to check if your provider offers free international calling so you can maintain excellent customer service standards.

3. Provides a personalized touch

Hosted VoIP allows your customer service team, especially managers, to have their dedicated phone numbers. Even when they’re away from their desks, whether working from home or out of town for business, Hosted VoIP means customers can reach them using one consistent number. Easy routing means calls that go through the business hotline can automatically be routed to relevant, custom numbers, ensuring that you’re passing the customer on to someone who is familiar with their query or case.

4. Adds a touch of localization

Hosted VoIP means you have a way to offer a sense of localized customer service to your customers. No matter where your customers are in the world, you can use Hosted VoIP to generate a local number to call. So, if you’re servicing customers from every continent, your customers can take comfort in the fact that you’re reachable via a local number.

5. No calls are left unanswered

Hosted VoIP allows you to make sure all your customer needs are attended to. Efficient monitoring, queuing, and routing means no calls go unanswered. This kind of system efficiency means you’re also ensuring the consistent productivity of your own staff.

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