Success Story: Accelerated Information Systems

As AIS grew, it placed pressure on their homegrown PBX, and they found that they were constantly spending time on maintenance. The low initial cost of entry and extensive feature set of GoTo Connect were major selling points for AIS. Soon after installation, they quickly realized the value of GoTo Connect when Hurricane Sandy hit. GoTo Connect enabled AIS to continue with business as usual and project a world-class image despite the emergency situation that this natural disaster brought.

Accelerated Information Systems, Inc. (AIS) is a solution provider dedicated to helping businesses implement Enterprise Content Management and workflow software. Founded by President Zaheer Master in 2005, AIS offers a stunning selection of software to their clients, most notably Laserfiche, an award-winning content management platform.

“Everything south of 34th street was a mess, but throughout all of that, our customers were able to get to our phones with GoTo Connect’s cell phone forwarding feature. It was pretty much business as usual! ”


-Zaheer Master

President, Accelerated Information Systems

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