Atmos by CallCabinet integrates with GoToConnect for a call monitoring system!

Atmos with GoToConnect now offers unparalleled security, advanced voice analytics that provide full content, transcription, and emotive analysis across every call.


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  • Compliance Call Recording - all calls are stored with military-grade 256-bit advanced encryption using a rotating encryption methodology making recordings 100% compliant with global regulations
  • AI-Powered Analytics - Atmos’ AI speech analytics engine extracts highly actionable data from call recordings. Tracking sentiment over the duration of every call provides powerful insights
  • Quality Assurance - quickly resolve disputes, expertly train your staff, maintain compliance and optimize your customer experience with Atmos
  • Agent Evaluation - use Atmos to quickly and easily design agent performance metrics that accurately measure employees with your company’s key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Automatic Data Redaction (PCI DSS, MiFID II, more) - Atmos recognizes and automatically redacts vulnerable customer data like credit card, account and phone numbers. This is a critical time-saving feature for any company

With Atmos and GoToConnect You Get:

Compliance Call Recording

  • Military-grade advanced encryption
  • 100% compliant with global regulations

AI-Powered Analytics

  • Measurable call sentiment
  • Dissect call content
  • Speech and content analysis

Quality Assurance

  • Audio-synchronous screen capture
  • Atmos analytical power
  • Filter calls

Agent Evaluation

  • Highlight, annotate and score employee evaluations
  • Atmos QA Randomizer
  • Atmos Score Card Creator
  • Weight scores

Don’t miss out on the benefits this integration can offer!

Atmos integrates directly at the network level making it possible to securely record any GoToConnect-enabled phone connecting to the specific VoIP service.