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Never miss another billable hour

Law firms need the ability to conduct secure calls, video meetings, and messaging from anywhere – while automatically keeping track of it all.

Focus on profitability

Your bottom line depends on your firm’s ability to adapt to the needs of the modern, work-from-anywhere workplace.

Modernize your law firm

Your clients, associates, and staff are  your firm. Attract and retain them with modern law firm software that lets you securely and confidentially communicate from anywhere.

Manage billable leakages

Time is money. Automatically track billable hours across meetings, phone calls, and messages. Put those hours back in your pocket by using GoToConnect as your meeting and phone system.


Simple, secure, and easy to deploy VoIP for law firms, plus so much more

Calls, meetings, and messaging unified on one platform – anywhere, on any device. 

  • Video Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Flip

  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Transcription (Video and Voicemail)
  • Dynamic Call Routing

  • Password Management
  • Mobility
  • Secured Document Sharing

Integrate with Clio, LawGro, and more

Connect to the practice management software you already use.

Microsoft Teams




Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams simplifies workflows

GoToConnects integration with MS Teams allows you to make, receive, and route calls without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform. Access all of your GoToConnect features from within MS Teams.

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A Microsoft Teams profile card with the user Samantha Smith’s information. There is a rectangle below the profile card with the Microsoft Teams call histroy user interface populated with ’Samantha Smith left you a voicemail today at 2:15 PM’. Under the rectangle is another card from Microsoft Teams’ user interface with details about Samantha Smith’s voicemail, followed by the Microsoft Teams logo.


Clio improves client engagement

The GoToConnect Clio integration enables law firms to see detailed information for every caller on every extension and automatically log the call as a billable activity against a matter. Calls can also be associated to customized activity recordings.

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A rectangle with the words ‘Angela S., +1 (972) 877-0090, Incoming Call 8/5/2020, 00:02:30 with the Clio billable hours table underneath followed by the Clio logo.


LawGro tracks billable hours

LawGro MagicTime integrates directly with GoToConnect to automatically track your time spent on phone calls, meetings, and messaging. Automatically file the timesheets to your legal practice management app with direct connections to PracticePanther, Rocket Matter, Litify, LawPay, NuLaw and others.

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A rectangle with the words ‘Angela S., +1 (972) 877-0090, Incoming Call 8/5/2020, 00:02:30 with the Clio billable hours table underneath followed by the Clio logo.


CallCabinet cloud recording

Atmos by CallCabinet integrates with GoToConnect to provide cloud-based carrier-grade call recording, quality assurance, and analytics through AI. Atmos provides tools to protect your company legally and provide accountability.

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A rectangle with the words ‘Paul N., +1 (972) 877-0090, 8/5/2020, 00:02:30’ in it with the CallCabinet audio wave user interface underneath it, followed by the CallCabinet transcription user interface with a conversation between Paul N. and an attorney. The CallCabinet logo is below the transcription conversation.

Reputation is everything

We focus on maintaining your professionalism in this evolving work environment, allowing you to focus more on your billable activities.

Look the part

You’re a professional – your tools should reflect that. Reliable high-quality sound, automated phone system answering, lockable meeting rooms, and Lawgro and Clio integrations help you make the right impression.

Compliance is the key

Staying in business means meeting industry and institutional requirements, and strict adherence to security protocols. GoTo tools ensure your law firm’s security and are fully compliant in the legal space.

A lawyer and client GoTo video call meeting with a lock icon and a text bubble that says, ‘Hi Angela. To protect your privacy I’m going to lock this meeting.’

Reduce risk and cost with stronger security

Remote work brings increased security risks. LastPass gives modern law firms the security they need to work from anywhere.

Mitigate the risk of a data breach and limit your firm’s liabilities by adding LastPass security tools.

LastPass, a part of the GoTo family, is extremely easy to use – remember one password and everything else is done for you. It’s easy to set up and invaluable for the peace of mind.

See how LastPass benefits the legal industry
The LastPass desktop user interface with the LastPass logo above and a PracticePanther new password screen with the LastPass password generater user interface to the right.
“We had a detailed look at all the phone and video-calling systems available and GoTo was the best by a country mile. It’s had a huge impact on the way we collaborate as a team and the service we can offer to clients. It means that when we think about growth now, we don’t have to think in terms of larger offices, since all our people can work and connect easily from anywhere.”
Thalej Vasishta
CEO, Paragon Group
Paragon Law company logoo
“[GoToConnect] allows us to expand to new locations very quickly. In fact, we don’t even worry about the phone system being able to handle our size. We just move forward and they’ve been ready to scale every time.”
Andrea Walker
HelpLine Managed Attorney, Legal Aid of Arkansas
Legal Aid of Arkansas company logo
“GoTo’s screenshare cuts out so much misunderstanding. It cuts out 9,000 e-mails about paragraph 12. Attorneys can say, ‘Let’s just look at paragraph 12 together and fix it.’ Then they’re done in five minutes.”
Heather Munday
Director of Practice Support, Bennett Bigelow & Leedom
Bennett Bigelow and Leedom company logo

Grow billable hours with technology that comes together

A single provider and a single budget line means lower costs, fewer administrative tasks, and more time to focus on work. GoToConnect bundles provide all the essential tools your team needs to do work from anywhere. Get the GoToConnect business phone communications system PLUS:

  • Remote access to office computers.
  • Virtual event hosting.
  • Remote IT support tools.
  • Password management with multifactor authentication
Connect, secure, and support your office
Four screens floating at a thirty degree angle with the user interfaces and logos for the following products (from left to right, top to bottom): LastPass, GoToAssist, GoToConnect, GoToWebinar.

Stop billable leakage and stay connected to your clients

*SMS features are currently only available in the United States of America.