Outbound Contact Center Solution from GoTo Connect is Changing the Sales Game


GoTo Connect now offers an end-to-end SMB Outbound Contact Center Solution to improve support and sales teams’ outcomes.

Once upon a time, contact centers operated with resource-intensive corporate networks and employees firmly ensconced on-premises. But these IT-heavy and very expensive solutions don’t cut it anymore—not when the best talent demands flexible work options and stay-at-home orders may only be an outbreak away.

That’s where Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) comes in. Operating in the cloud with bank-grade security to protect vital company data, CCaaS solutions let support and sales staff work from anywhere. Best-of-breed solutions, like our own GoTo Connect Contact Center, manage customer interactions, capture analytical insights, and provide tools to simplify workflows for teams—all without the headaches and costs of traditional contact center infrastructure.

Previously contact center capabilities were only accessible to a small percentage of businesses, which is why last year we launched GoTo Contact Contact Center inbound capabilities, purpose-built for SMBs. Today we are thrilled to expand and round out our solution with new outbound capabilities for SMB businesses and sales teams.

Introducing New GoTo Connect Outbound Capabilities

Sales teams now have the key metrics and reporting for improving business outcomes, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Metrics matter because SMBs often have little visibility into how well their agents handle inbound and outbound customer interactions. These businesses know that every missed customer call is a potential lost opportunity. But few have any idea how much business they lose every day. For example, we discovered that if one of our larger customers could rescue and convert just 5% of missed inbound contacts, they would add over $250,000 in revenue every month.

Now, GoTo Connect’s outbound capabilities provide the key metrics, reporting, and outbound contact features to help capture that revenue—all at an affordable price point.

New Outbound Features and Benefits

  • Outbound dialer

    Caller hang-ups are lost opportunities that ultimately impact revenue. If a customer calls to get help, but hangs up before being served, they leave dissatisfied and less likely to do future business with you. If a prospect calls to investigate buying something, a deal is lost. Traditionally businesses, especially SMBs, only know about people they talked to and lost; they simply don’t have visibility to the calls, and therefore the revenue they missed. Outbound dialer turns abandoned calls into opportunities and provides tools for agents to more efficiently call prospects.

  • Pre-recorded voicemails

    Leaving the same voicemail repeatedly is a pain point for outbound telephone campaigns. Now, at the push of a button, frontline employees can leave custom messages in a prospect’s voicemail, saving valuable time and enabling sales to spend more time doing what they do best: sell! With this simple innovation, agents can process more calls and reserve their valuable emotional energy for live customer interactions. To put this into perspective. If an agent makes 30-45 calls a day and leaves a one-minute message for each call, that’s an extra 30 or more minutes of time saved.

  • SMS Queues

    SMS enables you to meet your customers where they are—using text to communicate. SMS Queues allow companies to publish one external, text-enabled phone number, but assign text conversations to multiple agents, like a web chat, but via text. How much revenue could you capture by conversing with customers and prospects via text?

New Inbound Features and Benefits

In addition to the new outbound solution, GoTo Connect has also expanded its existing Contact Center offerings, originally launched in 2020 with updates such as:

  • Intelligent Call Routing

    Easily match incoming calls to the correct agent to optimize service delivery and lock in the highest possible customer satisfaction. Also known as skills-based routing, this feature provides businesses with reports on which “skills” are in demand and how well customers with specific needs are being handled—such as language preference, issue-type, or brand.

  • Auto-queue callback

    Showing respect for your customers’ time increases customer loyalty and improves your bottom line. When wait times are longer than you want, auto-queue callback gives incoming callers the option for a call back, rather than waiting on hold.

  • Configurable dashboards

    How can you manage outcomes if metrics don’t match the way you run your business? You can now configure metrics to show you real-time agent, queue, and caller info, and layout the data in a way that matches your priorities, so you can align your teams around the goals that matter to you. GoTo Connect also gives supervisors the ability to monitor every aspect of an organization’s call flow, including customers in-queue, average speed to answer, and average talk time. These metrics appear in an intuitive dashboard with up-to-the-second accuracy so managers can quickly resolve issues that come up.

For company managers who thought CCaaS was out of reach, LogMeIn has rolled out a clearly priced, quick-to-deploy CCaaS solution, tailor made just for SMBs as an easier, more affordable path to improving customer interaction outcomes in the cloud. It’s all about helping businesses and millions of people do their best work, simply and securely from anywhere.