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Save time and collaborate more by meeting with co-workers right from a Slack channel .

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The GoToMeeting integration makes it easy to meet with co-workers right from a Slack channel, simplifying your workflow by removing the friction of switching platforms. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, get connected and get more done with GoToMeeting for Slack.


Start a meeting from any 1-1 or group channel and a join card is placed in that location to facilitate joining the meeting.


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How To Install

Get connected and get more done with HD video conferencing and screen sharing from GoToMeeting. This integration lets you easily turn any Slack conversation on your desktop or mobile device into a face-to-face meeting. Simply enter /goto or click the phone icon* in a channel to launch GoToMeeting. Once it’s started, everyone else in the channel will see a link to join from their browser or through the GoToMeeting app.You will need a GoToMeeting account to start meetings, and your Slack admin will have to enable the integration.*Your Slack admin will need to enable this feature through the Workspace Settings.

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