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Schedule, manage and easily join upcoming meetings directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
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With the Microsoft Outlook calendar integration for GoToMeeting, you’ll be able to seamlessly schedule, flawlessly manage and easily join upcoming meetings directly from your calendar. With the push of a button you can set your schedule and jump from meeting to meeting without ever having to leave the Outlook environment.

How To Install

Install GoToMeeting in Outlook (Mac)

System Requirements:
· Mac OS X 10.10 or later
· Microsoft Outlook 2011 – 2016

Download the Mac Scheduler to sync your Outlook appointments and GoToMeeting sessions.

1. Click the download button to start the installation process.

2. Follow the instructions on the screen to run the installer.

3. Once fully installed, you will see the GoToMeeting daisy icon on the menu bar of your Mac. Click the icon and sign in using your GoToMeeting account credentials.

4. Click Allow to let the Mac Scheduler access your GoToMeeting account information. 5. You are now ready to schedule meetings from the scheduler!


Install GoToMeeting in Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

System Requirements:
· Windows 7 or later
· Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later
· Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
· Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Install the Outlook plugin

Before downloading the Outlook plugin, make sure your Microsoft Outlook application is closed.

1. Click Download to start the installation process. By default, this will download as a setup.exe file to your local Downloads folder.

2. Open the downloaded file.

If you're running Outlook 2010, click Yes. The plugin will automatically install in your Outlook calendar.
If you're running Outlook 2013 or later, click Install. Once fully installed, click Close.

3. Use your GoToMeeting login credentials when the "GoToMeeting for Outlook" sign-in window launches. Choose Allow to enable meeting updates from Outlook to GoToMeeting.

4. You can now start and schedule meetings directly from Outlook! Note that you may need to restart Outlook in order to see the changes.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your audio preferences are used for your meetings, click Set Default Audio Options. For instance, if you specify toll or tollfree conference numbers, these will be picked up and used by the plugin.

Video: How to Use the Outlook Plugin