New Virtual Phone System Features Now Live in GoTo Connect


We’re pleased to announce that a handful of new releases – including in-session notes (Smart Notes) and an improved GoTo Content Page – are now live in GoTo Connect!

In-Session Notes


Notes are now integrated fully integrated into GoTo Connect’s in-session UI. With notes and Smart Notes, organizers can manually take notes during a meeting and then view them along with the recording and transcription after the meeting. While you are taking notes, GoTo Connect’s AI-powered Smart Assistant will auto-capture meeting highlights and action items and show them alongside your notes after the meeting. With this, users can:

  • Capture notes, action items and highlights during the session
  • Bookmark a moment in-session, so you can revisit and complete note post-session
  • Timestamp their notes and sync with video/transcript post-session, allowing organizers and visitors to the content page to easily access moments in the meeting where important topics, decisions and action items were discussed
  • Share meeting notes on content page

Please note that Notes and Smart Notes are not supported on the GoTo Connect mobile VoIP calling app.

GoTo Content Page

We’ve replaced GoTo Connect’s previous video and transcript UI with the more feature-rich GoTo Content Page experience, which brings the following features to users:

  • Multiple content viewing options
  • AI-captured video-to-slides
  • SmartNotes – AI-suggested action items and highlights 
  • Advanced content sharing and security features

For information on how to manage your meeting content, visit our Support Site.

Redesigned & Enhanced Organizer Content Notification Email

In addition to communicating that your recording and transcript are now ready, the new email format includes:

  • Expanded meeting information
  • Content created during the meeting
  • Content retention notification (1 year)
  • Notifications and training links for new features
  • Displays in-session notes and SmartNotes

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