Top 10 customer-favorite GoTo features


We love hearing from customers, so we polled you about your favorite GoTo features. The top 10 list has some old standbys as well as a few surprises. GoTo Connect is your all-in-one communications solution for calls, meetings, and messages — here’s a list of your favorites:

1. Cloud phone flexibility

Migrating office telephones to the cloud was once a very heavy lift. Most organizations can move their phone operations to the cloud in a single day! And the flexibility of the GoToConnect platform will upgrade your experience even if you’ve always run your business off your smartphone. Looping in colleagues or forwarding a call is much easier inside the cloud than on ordinary wireless service.

2. The GoTo App

Our developers have really improved the app this past year, and we’re so glad our poll respondents noticed! Whether you’ve been using the full GoTo suite for years or just started using it for meetings or calls, you’ll find a streamlined, consistent experience that’s also earning high marks on both the Apple and Google stores.

3. Meetings

Once separate solutions, meetings and calls are even better on one platform — the GoTo app. We are proud of the improvements we’ve made to our meetings based on your feedback. Whether you need a one-on-one meeting or to talk to hundreds of colleagues, we have you covered with features like easy recording, instant transcriptions and closed captions, breakout rooms, and hand-raising.

4. GoToConnect x Teams

 Love Microsoft Teams? We do too. But it’s better together with GoTo Connect. We’ve got better phone features, including both voice and (in some markets) SMS features that make Teams richer and more enjoyable to use. And we work closely with Microsoft to make sure users of both have a frictionless experience in the app they use most.

5. Visual Dial Plan Editor

This feature makes it easy to manage phones on your plan without a dedicated administrator. The drag-and-drop interface lets you personalize access, schedule hours of operation, and customize your caller experience (including hold music and announcements) in a friendly graphical interface.

6. Administration tools

We know that the less time you spend in our admin tools, the happier and more productive you’ll be. So we’ve streamlined everyday tasks like user management to breeze by, and consolidated all of the admin tasks in one place so you’re never digging for the right screen.

7. Modern security

Securing the distributed workforce can be complicated. All of our calls, on desk phones or apps, are encrypted. With GoToConnect plus LastPass, we’re the only communications platform with password management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO) bundled for everyone.

8. Customer support (award winning!)

Need to ring us? We’re proud to take the call. Not only did our users say that our support staff are among their favorite GoTo features, but we earn top service rankings from organizations including TrustRadius, Gartner Peer Insights, G2, and Software Advice.

9. Insights and analytics

It’s important to know what’s going on during the calls you take. And it’s important to know what might have happened on the calls you missed. Our built-in analytics help you identify top-producing salespeople, spot frustrated callers who couldn’t get a question answered, and identify ways to scale your staff to meet caller demands.

10. GoTo Contact

What’s better than moving a phone network to the cloud in a day? Spinning up a fully-featured contact center in the cloud the next day! At a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise contact centers you can put together a powerfully managed center for inbound and/or outbound calling. Automated dialing, real-time queue reporting, and agent-by-agent activity reporting are all included.

Need more inspiration making these features work for you? Listen to what our experts Joe, Valerie, and Erica had to say in this webinar on demand.