5 ways GoTo Connect wins: RingCentral alternative

RingCentral alternative


Zombie stocks, IT nightmares, scary customer service, and more. The unified communications software space is packed with solutions that promise better work. But do they have the reasons to back it up?

Here are 5 reasons that businesses choose GoTo for their unified communications. You get phone, meeting, messaging, and so much more.

1. A to-die-for admin experience

At GoTo, we believe in making IT easy. What does that mean? IT workload is increasing, and IT professionals are feeling pressure at work. With most organizations running multiple different applications — even in the cloud — it can be complicated to manage.

GoTo Connect can be deployed in one day, with little technical expertise. But above all the admin tools are to die for. You have one centralized admin console where you can manage multiple user roles, analytics, reports, licensing, and configurations.

Call routing is as simple as drag-and-drop with the visual dial plan editor, and admins can set up a working call flow in minutes. Set schedules, rules for business hours and holidays, auto-attendants, and more from one dashboard.

According to ratings on G2.com, end-users consistently rate us higher than RingCentral for ease of admin. A customer shared, “the admin board is far more advanced than you get with any competitor, while being easy to use. Being able to map your dial plan by a simple drag and drop is great.”




2. Superior ease of use for end-users

If your users are groaning over another software implementation, it is not easy enough. GoTo prioritizes a seamless user experience for easy adoption. The GoTo app is bound to win over everyone, not just the IT pros. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Switch between chat, call, or host a quick video meeting with one click. You can also switch between devices from desktop to mobile with no interruption.

According to G2.com, end-users rate RingCentral below industry average for ease of use.

3. Strong (not scary) customer support when you need it most

GoTo has a vast support site to answer any questions from get started guides to app integrations and everything in between. GoTo Connect is easy, every user will seem like a pro — but if anything does arise, a 24/7 support line is available. 

A customer shared, “as a seasoned IT professional, I like my tech support to realize that I’ve already gone through the troubleshooting before I bother them with my phone call…what I got was the very responsive support who was quick to realize I’ve done my due diligence.”

4. Better value for money — no tricks

GoTo customers are getting more for their money and saving up to 40% by switching to GoTo Connect. And in times of economic uncertainty, cutting costs is top of mind. A consolidated tech stack reduces costs, saves your business time and money, while making it easier to manage, use, and deploy.

5. An all-in-one solution and robust portfolio of tools

Many organizations rely on a patchwork of vendors to meet all their needs, which can lead to implementation frustration and a burden on IT teams. With GoTo Connect, businesses can bundle phone, meeting, and messaging, with a webinar platform, contact center, and IT remote support. With solutions like remote access for any device and conversational ticketing as a bonus, you can simplify your tech stack with one reliable vendor.

GoTo makes your essential connections easy as the only all-in-one solution for business communications and IT support.

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