7 Tips to Be an Virtual Meeting Pro


Virtual meetings aren’t new, but are you optimizing your experience and presenting like a pro? Leading a session has additional pressure—we’re all familiar with the “you’re on mute” or “can you see my screen” hiccups of the online meeting world. We asked our customers their best GoTo Meeting tips—so from day one—you can seamlessly connect and work from anywhere. Getting prepared now will save valuable minutes later.

  1. Download the mobile apps

    Be prepared when you’re on the go and download apps for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Patti McCreadie from Medical Web Technologies is “particularly pleased with how the iPad app works” for presenting. Her workforce is constantly on the move, at a client site, or working from home and GoToMeeting ensures they don’t fall short on their commitments. “Collaborative communication is paramount in the delivery of quality service for our clients.”

  2. Sign on early
    Before your first meeting, sign on early to test things out. Pull up your presentation and press the Share My Screen button. Turn on your webcam and check your background for a polished and professional look. Roger Soman from RaiseYourSales.com has found that dedicating a few minutes to getting properly set up saves valuable meeting time.

  3. Sync your schedule
    Optimize your workday with the Outlook integration to create recurring meetings and easily keep track of your schedule. Setting up GoToMeet.Me creates a custom url for your personal meeting room. Attendees simply have to click “Join my meeting” without cumbersome dial in numbers or meeting IDs.

  4. Set your audio preferences
    GoTo Meeting was built to accommodate different audio preferences and entry options, so choose the audio options that work best for your team. Norman Pappous of GradeMyAdvisor.com has found having a telephone audio option is particularly helpful when he has attendees join meetings from the road—even overseas.

  5. Share your screen
    It’s easier to have your team on the same page when they’re looking at the same thing. You can also switch presenters mid-session to hand control to another speaker. Pattie McCreadie finds it useful to “view and control another attendee’s screen. Just make them the presenter and ask them to give you keyboard and mouse control in the GoToMeeting control panel.”

  6. Pause your screen
    An often-underutilized feature, protect your screen privacy with the pause button. This will freeze your content where it was allowing you to navigate to another file or presentation. This creates a cleaner transition for viewers and minimal distractions. When you’re ready to share again, simply press play. This is useful at the beginning of a meeting when waiting for attendees to join, you can pause your screen, and continue to work without sharing too much!

  7. Send a chat message
    The chat box in the GoTo Meeting control panel lets you communicate privately with an individual or send business messages. This helps avoid disruptions to the presentation and you can review chats after the meeting via the chat log. Noel Kullavanijava of Equilibrium Capital found that the chat makes it easy to discreetly prompt speakers to get ready.

Log in now and get prepared for your next meeting or see if GoTo Meeting is right for you.