Transform Your Average Meetings Into Top-Performing Events


Elevate your meeting game with Nina Nike-Velander

Join us in exploring online meetings through the lens of small events. Learn how to plan and elevate and execute your future meetings like a pro.

Communication expert Nina-Nike Velander offers up tips that will help you excel in future online meetings through improved structure, know-how and authenticity. Whether you’re new to online meetings or simply raising your game, these insider tips will help you host a standout, engaging meeting. You’ll learn:

• How to construct a better agenda – flow is crucial!

• How to avoid social loafing in remote meetings

• How to decrease pre-meeting preparation and cut out presentations

• How alternative frameworks can help to lift bigger meetings to top-performing events


Nina Nike-Velander, Communications Expert

Nina-Nike Velander works in all fields of organizational-communication. From presentation and meeting trainings to event speaking and international business meetings facilitation – Nina’s methods are always modern, hands-on and customizable. Before a decade of entrepreneurship and university lecturing, Nina studied media and communication sciences and worked as a broadcast and radio journalist in Austria.

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