4 Ways Your Small Business Can Utilize Your Hosted VoIP


Cost is still the largest attraction for companies adopting VoIP. That’s no surprise—especially given the significant savings that VoIP can give businesses. But Hosted VoIP solutions can do a lot more than save you money.

Do you utilize your Hosted VoIP system?

For example, Jive’s Hosted VoIP business phone system is a cloud-based platform with robust features that include everything from low-cost long distance and unlimited domestic calls to custom schedules and routing. 

Despite having this kind of functionality, most companies are only able to tap 40-50 percent of what their Hosted VoIP has to offer. So how can you ensure you utilize your Hosted VoIP? Start with these five suggestions. 

1. Maximizing features for mobility

Traditional phone systems typically tether employees to their desks. This means that once the office closes for the day, the only way customers can reach you is if they have your personal number. Hosted VoIP, however, gives you the flexibility to answer calls anywhere, anytime. As long as you have your mobile devices with you, and the appropriate app installed, you can stay in touch with colleagues and customers easily.

Jive’s mobile features are specifically designed to ensure that business communications run seamlessly. Regardless of whether you’re in the office or offsite. By simply installing a mobile app, you can experience a secure, HD quality, battery life optimized and reliable service to call and text.   

2. Streamlining modern workplaces

Hosted VoIP systems mean everyone shares a cohesive communication system. This is especially relevant in modern workplaces that employ new policies such as Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) or businesses that prioritize mobility and flex time.

Successful implementation of these programs typically requires technology to support it. In this case, Hosted VoIP provides the solution through a unified system that streamlines all business communication.

3. Maintaining professionalism

Reliable Hosted VoIP offers a robust selection of features that give smaller businesses the opportunity to improve their professionalism.

One example is the auto attendant feature. The auto attendant feature ensures that if your receptionist is unable to take a call or if a customer is calling after hours, customers will still be greeted by a friendly voice that can attend to their needs. Auto attendants can facilitate call transfers, voicemail, and even provide basic support.

Jive Voice services also include customer greetings, unlimited extensions, music on hold, and call queues—all of which are useful features that communicate professionalism.

4. Gathering insightful data

Jive’s Hosted VoIP systems are able to track critical data such as usage, bandwidth, duration, call original, destination, and cost. Call analytics lets you maximize your resources and provides better insight into how you can use available resources more efficiently, as well as giving you a handy record of all your inbound and outbound calls.

Every new technology has its own learning curve. Since you’ve already recognized the cost benefits that Hosted VoIP can provide, it’s time to focus on all the other features you can benefit from. Utilize your Hosted VoIP system! If you would like your company to experience all the key features and functionalities that Jive has to offer, get in touch with us today.

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