4 Signs Your Small Business Needs Hosted VoIP


According to Future Market Insights (FMI), “VoIP users will more than double from 2012 to 2020.” That brings the current user base of 98.9 billion to 204.8 billion. 

These figures illustrate that VoIP, specifically Hosted VoIP, is well on its way to becoming the new standard for business communication. It’s a system that can save companies a lot of money and foster seamless collaboration between employees. It also supports more effective ways to communicate and ultimately improves operational efficiency.

Still, many businesses remain apprehensive about switching. If you’re one of them, it’s time to reevaluate. Look for these four telltale signs to see if you small business needs Hosted VoIP.

1. You’re working with a limited communications budget

Is your business experiencing excessive phone bill costs? Are you spending a lot on technology to keep up with your competition? Save money by investing in a Hosted VoIP system.

Apart from improving efficiency, many businesses make the switch to Hosted VoIP solutions because of budget considerations. Unlike traditional phone systems, where an office has to invest heavily in hardware, Hosted VoIP runs on the cloud and integrates with existing mobile devices.

Because IP telephony connects calls over the Internet, you can also save money by eliminating long distance or interstate calling fees. Jive’s suite of features, for instance, already includes local and long-distance calling capabilities, unlimited voicemail boxes, and auto-attendants. And it’s all for one simple and affordable price point.

2. Your business growth is outpacing your current communication tools

Are your current communication tools unable to keep up with your company’s growth and the demands? Get a scalable communication platform with Hosted VoIP. 

Your small business needs Hosted VoIP to make your business communications more flexible. When you pay per seat, it’s easy to add or subtract users. In addition, where traditional landlines tether you to your desk to ensure productivity, Hosted VoIP allows you to use your mobile devices so you’re accessible anytime and anywhere.

3. You’re using unnecessary dedicated IT staff resources

Do you have a dedicated person, or even team, for phone maintenance and upgrades? Let your IT person focus on other initiatives by switching to Hosted VoIP. 

Hosted VoIP solutions run in the cloud. This means that maintenance and upkeep costs are something your business doesn’t have to worry about. Your small business needs Hosted VoIP so you can take advantage of their team of technical experts that are dedicated to keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently.

4. You can’t keep up with bigger players in the industry

Do you have a hard time trying to keep pace with larger organizations? Make your small business more competitive by switching to Hosted VoIP.

A lot of Hosted VoIP features are designed to give small to mid-sized businesses advantages, and the chance to exhibit the same professionalism as bigger companies. Cloud-based business phone systems give smaller companies a professional boost thanks to their numerous features. Auto-attendants, call analytics, desktop integration, conference bridge, custom greetings, find me/ follow me, and online PBX controls are just some of the features that help level the playing field for smaller businesses.

Businesses today can remain competitive by employing the right tools. Fact is, traditional phone systems only provide small businesses the bare minimum in terms of functionality. There’s a better and more efficient option available today — Hosted VoIP. If the signs show that your small business needs Hosted VoIP, contact us today.

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