Tips for Improving Employee Onboarding with the GoTo Suite


Have you had to reconsider what are non-negotiable factors for you when it comes to remote working? From collaborating and learning to visibility and support, today's businesses want to replicate office spaces and cultures within personal remote workspaces.

This is incremental, particularly when focusing efforts on expanding your business with new recruits. The competition for remote workforces has increased, as LinkedIn found a rise of 60% in users searching for remote working opportunities between March 1st and May 23rd. This has generated questions on the creative best practices which companies need to successfully employ to integrate and onboard new recruits. For both big and small businesses moving online, communicating cultures, values and company codes to new recruits is seen as one of the biggest long and short term challenges in moving workforces remotely.

As such, companies need to understand why a unified communications and collaboration platform like GoTo is beneficial throughout the virtual onboarding process.

1. Resources

We’ve all been there with our first day of work: locked out of buildings with no key card access, lost in the parking lot or fighting the coffee machine. But in the confines of our own homes  – and automated tasks increasing – old burdens have been replaced with new ones.

The daunting questions of ‘where to begin’ is intensified through the endless access to content and data. Ensuring new recruits are fully equipped and resourcefully inducted into any business from day one, is paramount to long term successes within their roles.

Products to use: GoToWebinar

  • Create, demonstrate and share resources
  • Material can be presented live, pre-recorded and on-demand 
  • Comprehensive learning center, perfect for onboarding
  • Polls, surveys and question consoles enable interactive induction sessions
  • Analytics can be shared with HR departments to better personalize onboarding experiences

2. Team collaboration

After resources and initial documentation have been shared, the next critical stage of remote onboarding is putting theory into practice. According to our own recent product usage data, the rise of webcam usage increased 4 times from 2019 to 2020 – demonstrating just how well video conferencing supports team collaboration and engagement.

Despite questions concerning how to measure remote work productivity, not all benefits of this platform are quantifiable. Productivity for these tools is all about expanding your skillset and the possibilities are endless through these platforms. With the rise of flex work increasing from 3% in 2019 to 8.5% in 2020, accounting for what a difference team meetings and social interactions is essential for new recruits to build rapports with their colleagues and make the workplace feel more tangible.

Product to use: GoToMeeting, GoToConnect

  • Jump from office to home, from call or chat to video meeting, and from one device to another
  • Standard security features like password protected-meetings and Meeting Lock
  • Never miss a word of what was said with recording and transcripts
  • HD video conferencing included with every license

3. Training

Onboarding benefits can be further showcased by utilizing platforms for large group sessions, building a community to support one another during these transitional processes. With the average size of meetings growing from 4 to 7 people, it highlights the need to provide convivial remote workspaces for people to share their concerns and support one another in these onboarding processes.

Product to use: GoToTraining

  • Ability to communicate, train and share
  • Accommodate and engage with wider audience – for onboarding, this can be community of new employees to train, learn and work together
  • Breakout room features create learning opportunities, onboarding communities and reduce the number of 1:1 introductory meetings
  • Ability to be used for internal and external communications, such as customers and partners
  • Provide investment opportunities for the future, including virtual events, online career fairs and remote enablement for onboarding strategies

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