Webinar Recap: Make Remote Work Really Work


I’ve been working at LogMeIn for almost 6 years, marketing software that enables communication and collaboration from anywhere. Traditionally, our “best practices” content was evergreen to our customers – like full-time remote workers, consultants giving online client presentations, and globally-dispersed teams – but not always relevant (or interesting) to the average person. But this year, that all changed!

Because of COVID-19, working remotely became the norm wherever possible across countless industries and roles. For myself and my colleagues, our years of experience learning, observing, researching and writing about remote work became a wealth of knowledge that nearly everyone benefitted from. My friends and family were all of a sudden facing challenges that I wrote about in a “Remote Tip Tuesday” blog series a few years ago. What was old news to me, was brand new to them.

This slightly personal preamble is to say that I’m extremely proud to share the webinar we presented yesterday, “How to Make Remote Work Really Work”.  I, along with my colleagues Rob and Erica, connected with hundreds of our customers for an open discussion on the unique challenges they’re facing. The advice we gave was grounded in data and experience, but also very personal – and we shared our own struggles with working remotely without a choice. I was inspired to hear so many great tips from even the self-proclaimed “remote work newbies”, and was happy to share advice for those struggling to communicate, find normalcy or set boundaries when shifting to a remote work environment.

If you’re new to working from home or even an old pro, I guarantee there’s something in this webinar that will resonate for you, or even something you may not have thought about. And thank you to our customers who attended, engaged with us and shared their own struggles and tips. Here are a few we thought were worth sharing:

  • Schedule wellness breaks throughout the day, even if it's walking out in the yard." – Carla

  • "Best tip I have is to remember to stop working. I have a lamp on my desk and I use that to help regulate me. I turn it on when I start my day and shut it off when I am done. Even if I get something after my work day is done, I use the lamp to remind me that it can wait until tomorrow." – Ashley

  • "Open virtual meetings 10 mins early so people can come in and chat before business time." – Jon
  • "Treat yourself to a decent chair, if you can, work in a room with a door that closes, and get good speakers to play music louder than you would in a typical office." – Patrick 

  • "I have had to initiate a new routine that mimics my regular going to work routine.  I have designated a pair of shoes to wear inside that are my 'work' shoes, and I still go and get my cup of coffee before working, even though I can brew coffee at home." – Lori

Today I woke up with a renewed sense of meaning to the work I do, because of yesterday’s honest and open conversation. We’re all in this together and I’m honored to do my little part in helping all of you continue to be happy, balanced and productive at work!

Discover even more remote work secrets

If you missed the webinar, no worries – watch it on-demand here! And for more tips and tricks on how to make the transition to a more flexible workforce successful, download our Anywhere Worker Guidebook.