Implementing Your Jive System: "That Was Easy!"


No matter how big your company is, deciding to change your phone system can be an intimidating process—which is why many companies never upgrade their phone systems. At Jive we know how intimidating this change can be, and that’s why we have a team committed to making your implementation as smooth as possible. Our Jive team is dedicated to helping you get onboard with the least amount of stress and anxiety, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a new phone system without any of the headache.

Depending on the size of your implementation there are a number of steps in order to get your Jive System up and running. Take a look at the standard implementation process in these five steps below:

1. Prepare:

In order for any system to function properly, we must do the right preparation. During this stage, you (as the client) will be responsible for gathering information about your current system and filling out the necessary paperwork. The quality and thoroughness of the paperwork you turn in to your Jive representative will determine how the rest of the implementation process goes. Approximately a week after all the paperwork is received, we (the Jive team) meet with you (the client) in what we call a “Kick Off Call,” during which we will set a date for when your system will Go Live.

2. Plan:

At this point, your Jive team will create a 45-day plan to get your system ready for the Go Live date. During this planning stage, equipment will be ordered and shipped, trainings will be scheduled to train you on how to use the system, engineering calls will be scheduled to ensure the systems are running smoothly, and phone numbers will be requested from current providers.

3. Build:

Now that the system is set in place, we are ready to build your individual dial plan. Our Jive team will walk you through the in’s and out’s of our innovative dial plan, allowing you to completely customize your phone system to your needs. Don’t stress about learning the Jive software all at once; the Jive team is committed to getting your system fully set up and tested before the Go Live date. During this stage, Jive will also perform a thorough E911 testing to ensure that every line has emergency access.

4. Go Live:

On the date originally decided upon, your Jive system will Go Live. All the plans and preparations made in the previous steps will be in effect starting now.

5. Follow Up:

Just because your Jive system is up and running doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you hanging. After your Go Live date, our Jive team will work with you to make any necessary or desired adjustments to your system. A week after your system goes live, our Jive team will schedule a call with you to follow up on your Jive experience. Following this call, you will have constant access to Jive’s customer care, technical support, and service account managers allowing you continual flexibility and support with your Jive system.

Like we said before, we’ve committed to making this implementation as smooth as possible—our loyal customers can attest to this. Now that we’ve simplified the implementation process (“That was easy!”), look here to see how Jive can simplify all of your communication needs.

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