Success Story: Umart

Umart Like many growing retail businesses, Umart’s prior phone solution didn’t evolve with the company’s needs. The company’s lack of control over phone settings also led to disappointing experiences for their customers. After reviewing a number of potential solutions, Evan Casey, Umart’s Head of Customer Service, turned to Zac Randall, Business Development Manager at CCNA, who recommended GoTo’s GoTo Connect Phone, Meeting and Messaging and GoTo Contact Centre solutions. What attracted Casey to GoTo Connect and GoTo Contact Centre was the affordability, ease of configurability, how it is feature-rich, and GoTo's premium service and support.
Umart Online is an award-winning, second-generation, family-owned, and operated computer retailer founded in November 1999. What started as a small retail computer store in Brisbane, Australia, has grown into three major distribution centers and ten retail locations across the country.

“In all honesty, it’s not very often I can take a process, system, or tool, share it with the entire business and not get any complaints. But that’s exactly what happened with GoTo Connect. Even our established employees embraced the change!”


-Evan Casey

Head of Customer Service, Umart

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