Success Story: Ayrfield Medical Practice

Umart When the Covid-19 pandemic increased incoming calls to Ayrfield Medical Practice on top of its already high call volumes, as well as necessitating more outgoing calls and video consultations, its existing PBX phone system was unable to cope. The practice’s search for a more capable and reliable phone system led it to GreenFire, a specialist unified communications solutions provider and GoTo partner company. GreenFire recommended GoTo Connect, which offered feature-rich call-centre capabilities to meet the practice’s demands. The results were dramatic. GoTo Connect transformed the practice’s phone service overnight, providing a far more professional and efficient service to patients, while relieving stress for staff by making it easy to manage call queues, make and receive calls from any phone, and work remotely without compromising service levels. 
Established 70 years ago, Ayrfield Medical Practice is the largest GP practice in Kilkenny city. It employs ten GPs and eight nurses, offering a wide range of medical services to 22,000 patients at its primary care centre and in the community.

“GoTo Connect has been transformative for our practice. It’s so much easier for everyone to use and takes away so much stress from handling phone calls, which is so important when you’re dealing with people who are unwell.”


-Ronan Kearney

Practice Manager, Ayrfield Medical Practice

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