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GoTo COMPLAINTS Code of Practice

I. Overview

LogMeIn Ireland Unlimited Company ("GoTo") is a private company registered in Ireland with company number 512618. GoTo provides a portfolio of unified communications and collaboration, customer engagement and support, and identity and access management services designed to simplify how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships, and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses.

While GoTo makes every effort to ensure our users are satisfied with our services at all times, we understand that, despite our best efforts, things can go wrong. GoTo takes all customer complaints and concerns seriously, has created a defined process, and is committed to addressing issues and complaints in a fair and timely manner.

This Code sets out how you can make a complaint to us, what to expect if you do and what you can do if the complaint is not handled to your satisfaction. Please contact us if you require this information to be sent to you in an alternative format (e.g. via e-mail, physical copy, in large format, in Braille, etc.).

II. How to make a complaint

GoTo’s Customer Support Department is available to handle all day-to-day service changes, setup, and account/billing inquiries. If you have any issues that fall outside of this or if you have already contacted our team and do not feel you have received an appropriate level of support, you may report a complaint through the following means: (a) going to contact us; (b) calling +353(0)1 653 1155; and/or (c) writing to us at Attn: Complaints Department, GoTo, The Reflector, 10 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, D02 R573, Ireland.

It will help us to investigate your complaint if you clearly identify the nature of the complaint and any relevant history, including case references where appropriate.

III. What to expect

We endeavor to resolve all complaints to the satisfaction of our customers within ten (10) working days. When we receive your concern or complaint, our advisors may ask questions to verify your identity and will seek to resolve a problem quickly (i.e. while you are on the line for a call or chat). Complaints will be acknowledged within two (2) business days of receipt. During the acknowledgement process, we will assign you a tracking number, advise of our process to investigate the matter (intended to resolve it to your satisfaction), and provide approximate timeframes in which we will endeavor to carry out the investigation.

Our advisors will be in contact with you on a regular basis and will promptly provide you information on the outcome of the investigation, once it has been concluded in a manner intended intend to satisfy any concern or issue to your reasonable satisfaction.

IV. How to escalate a complaint

If you feel your complaint is not being handled to your satisfaction you can escalate it to a senior manager and/or support lead. The methods for doing this are the same as for the initial complaint: in writing, by phone or via the support case, but this time stating that you wish your complaint to be escalated to a senior manager and/or support lead.

While we strive to resolve all issues promptly and effectively, if we are unable to resolve a complaint in a timely manner, you may escalate your complaint to independent third parties. For example, if we are unable to resolve a complaint related to our Jive or GoToConnect communications services within ten (10) working days or have proposed a solution that was not to your satisfaction within the same period, you may refer your case to ComReg, the national regulatory authority for telecommunication services in Ireland, for further investigation.

V. Statutory Rights and Independent bodies

This Code does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. If you are not satisfied with our response to your query, you can always seek advice from a number of independent bodies, with contact information identified in Section VII below. Note that ComReg may only be contacted for communications-based matters.

VI. Refunds

Refunds will be granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the details of the complaint. Our Customer Support team will let you know if you are eligible.

Where a refund is granted, it is typically applied as a credit to your GoTo account, but may be applied as a check, where appropriate.

VII. Contact details

GoTo Contact Details

GoTo’s Ireland Office
LogMeIn Ireland Unlimited Company
The Reflector, 10 Hanover Quay
Dublin 2, D02R573, Ireland
Telephone: +353(0)1 653 1155

GoTo’s Customer Support Team
To reach our Global Customer Support team you may contact us, call +353(0)1 653 1155 and/or write to us at the address above.

GoTo Representative
The GoTo representative who is responsible for maintaining this Code can be contacted at and/or

Independent Bodies

Commission for Communications Regulation (“ComReg”)
ComReg can be reached for communications services-based complaints at:
Dockland Central
1 Guild St, North Dock
Dublin, D01 E4X0, Ireland
Phone: 01 804 9668
Text: 51500 (with the word COMREG in the body of the text)

Small Claims Court
Consult your local district court office to supply relevant information for your area or visit the following website for further information:

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (“CCPC”)
Bloom House
PO Box 12585
Dublin 1, Ireland
Tel: 1890 432 432

Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (“ASAI”)
ASAI can be reached at:
Ferry House
48 Lower Mount Street
Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel: +353 1 613 70 40