Infographic: Top 3 things keeping IT up at night and 1 way to solve them


New global research by IDG sponsored by GoTo makes it clear that IT leaders want to provide consistent, reliable IT support. But challenges presented by flexible work are standing in the way. GoTo Resolve is the solution.

Let’s face it. Flexible work has many upsides (providing employees with more time autonomy, reducing commute times/expenses/emissions, widening talent pools, and reducing office overhead, just to name a few). But it involves more devices, more networks, more workstation hardware, more fluidity.

And more is complicated to support.

With the office no longer being the crown jewel of the workplace and more than half of employees planning to work either entirely remotely or on a hybrid work schedule in 2022, the challenge for IT is keeping a firm grasp on a fluid situation. They must provide a rock-solid IT foundation to power flexible work, whatever that looks like today and tomorrow.

How can IT win?

IT teams — and their tools — need to be:


Remote and hybrid work, with expanding software ecosystems and more points of failure for employees to navigate, is far more complicated to support. Adding to that complexity: all the tools IT has amassed to support it.

To support flexible work, it seems IT needs some flexibility too. On IT leaders’ wish list – one IT solution that allows them to do more with less. (Spoiler alert: we got you.)


Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent. Remote work and technology sprawl has put more businesses at risk, making robust security features unquestionably critical.

Now more than ever, IT leaders are looking for ways to protect their infrastructure and users. (Zero trust access control, anyone?)


Technology is the heartbeat of business today, powering how work gets done. With flexible work demanding more bandwidth from IT, there’s simply no time for agents to toggle between tools. It not only eats up their time, but also makes support experiences are more cumbersome and take longer, jeopardizing employee productivity.

Looking for ways to make support easier for both agents and employees, IT leaders like the idea of integrating support with their company’s messaging platform. (We’re already living in MS Teams anyway, right?)


Your one-stop IT shop.

GoTo Resolve is the game-changing IT management and support solution that allows IT to modernize, streamline, and secure their help desks and organizations. Best of all, it’s free to use. Check it out at