The Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the new virtual conference room, linking people around the globe. Not only does video conferencing enable businesses to reduce travel costs, but it can also link several geographic locations, forming a cohesive work environment.

The sales term for the future is “real time collaboration.” This essentially means that people can meet face-to-face via video teleconferencing, instead of relying on lengthy emails or phone calls.

Business VoIP video conferencing is extremely beneficial and helps:

  • Reduce unnecessary travel expenses
  • Reduces overall operating costs
  • Helps sales divisions close more contracts and negotiate “in-person”
  • Improves communication
  • Helps companies train employees, especially those in remote locations
  • Encourages real-time collaboration, bringing a cohesiveness to companies
  • Helps businesses develop deeper levels of communication with clients and/or partners
  • Web conferencing can be used for a number of different communication tools, including sales meetings, marketing meetings, company-wide meetings, helping businesses interact one-on-one with clients and customers, company-wide training, client consultations, workshops, presentations, promotional events, demonstrations, product training, product development, brainstorming sessions, team projects, workshops, customer briefings and consultations.

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