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Success Story: Larry H. Miller Dealerships


When a Larry H. Miller dealership in Salt Lake City encountered a serious problem with its existing paging system that compromised its communications, they knew they needed a solution and turned to GoToConnect, formerly Jive, and Algo. The Algo and GoToConnect paging configuration enables dealerships like Larry H. Miller to use their existing analog paging system and create a hybrid IP system.

Algo Communications Products Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of telecom endpoints and accessories. The company boasts a 50-year history in the telecommunications business, providing intelligent, highly adaptable endpoints that include Powered over Ethernet (PoE) speakers, horns, paging adapters, strobes, push buttons, and doorphone/ intercoms. Algo’s expertise proved essential when GoToConnect competed to win over the Larry H. Miller Dealership Group.

“GoToConnect is very aggressive in how it listens to customer needs and inte- grates ancillary features. They’re willing to install these solutions into situations where a lot of other vendors would not. Very few hosted providers engage customers like that. I wish they did. ”


-Paul Zoehner

Director of Product Development, Algo Communications

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