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The 2020 award season is upon us and you’ve just been cast in the starring role as the main organizer in our newest product feature film: Once Upon a Time in… GoToMeeting. If you’re ready for a bombshell, listen up, because we’ve got two words for you: Smart Notes. GoToMeeting’s AI-powered Smart Assistant rolls out the red carpet for you by auto-capturing meeting highlights and action items and showcases them alongside your notes after the session.

Marriage Story: Cloud Recordings & Transcriptions:

  1. Launch Smart Notes in-session, as shown below. As it turns out, enabling cloud recording and transcripts is not as grueling as managing a coast-to-coast divorce!
  2. Inside the Organizer Hub, click on the Settings option to configure your account’s default settings.
  3. Once you begin the recording within GoToMeeting, click Open (next to Notes) and a new browser will launch with your notes.
  4. Smart Assistant allows you take notes and bookmark specific parts of the meeting. All notes are timestamped and synced with the recording and transcriptions, so you can easily navigate the meeting.

(No) Joker: Review Notes After the Meeting:

Smart Assistant isn’t clowning around when it comes time to finding your meeting notes after the session! Find the recorded meeting in the History tab and click Open Recording. From there, you will see the following options:

  1. Filter notes by type (highlights, action items, notes, bookmarks).
  2. Toggle and display Smart Notes along with manually added notes.
  3. Play, edit, or delete a manually-added note. This will also find the specific meeting time and transcript of the note.
  4. Accept and reject notes generated by Smart Notes. You can then share the recording with others and choose to share the notes component.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood with GoToMeeting:

Mr. Rogers once said:

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Smart Notes is here to do exactly that for your meetings – enabling both organizers and attendees to spend more time communicating and collaborating, instead of furiously taking notes.

And the award goes to… Smart Notes for always giving your meeting the white glove treatment!