The flex work inflection point



We’re back at Enterprise Connect — in person! Seeing customers, partners, analysts, and other industry players is exciting. We’re taking it all in, feeling the buzz, and smelling the coffee (there’s always one booth luring you in with the caffeine). This event brings us back for a moment to the way things used to be. But the truth is, things aren’t the way they used to be. And we’ve recently affirmed that everyone is ok with that — at least as it relates to how and where we work.

We’ve seen numerous studies over the past two years that look at trends, but we want to narrow our focus into the space we know best, small and midsize businesses (SMBs). SMBs make up 99% of US businesses, yet their unique IT needs have often been overshadowed by enterprise-level companies with bigger teams and bigger budgets. So, we set out to change that. With our recent rebrand to GoTo we’ve doubled down on our commitment to SMBs with a streamlined portfolio of collaboration and support tools built just for them.

This is the year when business leaders re-evaluate the decisions made in 2020 (out of necessity), and strategically work to set up their organizations for long-term success. We asked our friends at Frost & Sullivan to help us out with some new data that looked at how those decisions are being made and what’s next for SMB decision-makers. The results were pretty intriguing, and we are excited to share some initial findings here and at Enterprise Connect this week. This data is brand new (hot off the press just days ago), so check back soon for the full report.

Here’s your sneak peek:

  • Nearly 80% of respondents agree that the way to maximize productivity is with a flexible remote or hybrid work model
  • Hybrid organizations experience the lowest turnover when compared to office-based organizations.
  • In businesses with 50-99 employees, 83% said flexible work had a positive impact on their company’s culture
  • Choice is important for true flexible work. We compared hybrid organizations with specific in-office mandates (number of days) and organizations that let employees choose. The mandate didn’t make a significant difference (2.7 days on average for those with mandates and 2.5 days for those without set requirements).
  • IT teams are our workplace heroes. They reported a workload increase of 72% since 2020, with 43% saying that workload was more difficult than before.     

Want to learn more? If you are at Enterprise Connect, stop by booth 1919 (we have swag!) and check out the session all about this data on Wednesday, March 23rd at 1pm at EC Theatre 100.

Not at Enterprise Connect? No problem. Stay tuned for our full Frost & Sullivan report and, until then, Discover GoTo.