Secure Provisioning: Are Your Business Phone Calls Safe?


Telephony provisioning should be as secure as two spies exchanging top secret information.

At least, that’s our level of security at Jive Communications. We’re deeply committed to providing secure business phone communications for our customers, and an important protection in business phone security is provisioning.

What is Provisioning?

Provisioning is preparing and equipping a network to provide services to its users. In short, it’s about securely initiating services with your provider.

Why Do You Need Secure Provisioning?

Secure provisioning protects customer SIP credentials and adds safeguards against hackers attempting to compromise the customer’s system.


Jive Secure’s Provisioning

Jive Secure provisioning method includes three measures to protect customers from phishing attacks, fraud, and hacks.

  1. All initiations with Jive’s system are communicated via encrypted HTTPS.
  2. Jive disables the standard URL access to switch to a randomly generated URL.
  3. Jive replaces a company’s generic, default PBX username and password with something unique.

To illustrate Jive’s secure provisioning methodology, just think of two spies setting up a brush pass to share top secret intelligence.

How Jive’s Secure Provisioning Works

Jive's Secure Provisioning for Business Calls

Jive Provisioning Secure Line-01

#1. A Secure Line

Two spies need to initiate contact within a secure line of communication. For spies, it’s a secure phone line. For Jive, that’s Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).




Jive Provisioning Secure Location

#2. A Secure Location

Sleeper agents protect their cover by meeting with informants and handlers in random locations. Locations that are outside their normal day-to-day routines. Like a park. Similarly, Jive disables the standard URL access and switches to a randomly generated URL. If you change to a random location, it’s less likely that you’ll be followed and discovered.






Jive Provisioning Exchanging

#3. Exchange Codewords

The spy trope that we’re all familiar with is establishing your identity through an exchange of codewords—e.g. “The eagle flies at midnights . . .” etc. Although it seems a little silly in spy movies, exchanging codewords is particularly helpful within technology. In fact, the Internet of Things (IoT) use of generic usernames and passwords has many IT experts worried about security.

Realizing that generic company assigned passwords are a potential security risk, Jive assigns a unique password for each company PBX.


Are Your Business Calls Jive Secure?

As you are investigating business phone system providers, make sure that you pay special attention to security. A Hosted VoIP provider should safeguard your company against hackers with secure provisioning.

Let Jive be your provisioning standard. Jive’s provisioning process is so secure, that Cold War KGB sleeper agents could learn a thing or two from us. We’re like the TV show The Americanswithout the terrible wigs.

So as you’re shopping for Hosted VoIP providers, ask yourself if a provider’s provisioning meets Jive’s security standards.

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