The New Standard in Business Communications is Hosted VoIP


If you look at recent statistics and developments,  Hosted VoIP is more than just a fad. In fact,  you could say that Hosted VoIP has cemented itself as the new standard in business communications. So if your business hasn’t made the switch, you run the risk of falling behind. Here are five reasons why your business needs to invest in the new standard in business communications—Hosted VoIP.

#1. Adoption rates are rising

The effort to devote more resources to the development of VoIP technology is evident. Last year, 19 states authorized to end copper landline servicing. In addition, the NRRI (National Regulatory Research Institute) reports that 41 states have reduced, if not completely eliminated, their oversight of wired telecom.

Today, VoIP technology is used by about one-fifth of all US businesses. And it doesn’t look like Hosted VoIP technology is going to slow down.

#2. Consistent investment in VoIP technology

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to streamline their communication tools and find more convenient ways to coordinate and collaborate with team members and clients. To that end, a lot of businesses have seen a marked increase in the number of companies opting for cellular networks as their primary business line.

Their needs, however, go beyond traditional emailing and calling capabilities. They also needed an easy way to forward business calls to their mobile devices, and a voicemail system that they could easily access, even if they’re not in the office.

Shifting to a digital communications platform, such as Hosted VoIP, is the best way to achieve this. And because of the great demand for efficiency, it’s no surprise that in the coming years, providers will continue to invest heavily into developing IP telephony technology, including VoIP, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and HDVoice.

#3. Significant improvements in voice UX

Many businesses are apprehensive about switching to a Hosted VoIP platform on the assumption that voice quality isn’t up to par. Yet, a lot has changed since the technology was introduced. For starters, internet quality has significantly improved. And since Internet quality has a direct impact on the Hosted VoIP service, it goes without saying that the quality of voice calls is on par, if not better, than traditional landlines today.

#4. Improved data connectivity

In the next few years, advances in data connectivity are poised to make a dramatic difference in the quality and speed of data delivered over the web.

5G, for instance, will roll out to more locations, and as it does, businesses can expect better transmission of voice, video, and data. In fact, as IT Toolbox reports, “5G will also improve the quality of VoIP by notably reducing or even eliminating jitter, data transfer losses, and the much dreaded dropped call.”

Meet the new standard in business communications

Hosted VoIP platforms are flexible, feature-rich, easy to implement, and cost-efficient. It’s no surprise that companies, regardless of size, are opting to make the big switch from legacy phone systems in an effort to find a communication solution that fits their needs.

Quite simply, Hosted VoIP is becoming the new standard in business communications. If you would like to explore what Hosted VoIP solutions can do for your company, contact us at Jive today.

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