Simplify Office Phones: 5 Benefits of Jive’s Online Portal


At Jive, we designed the online portal, or the Administrator Portal, so you could manage your office phones with as little time, trouble, and budget as possible.

The portal is browser-based, so you can access it anywhere you have Internet access. It’s easy to use and gives you control over all system features and functions. You’ll have virtually the same level of account access as Jive support engineers. This way, you can customize every aspect of your hosted services whenever you need to make changes.

Here’s what you should know about Jive’s Administrator Portal:

#1. You have complete control of your office phone system.

When you add a new employee, you don’t have to wait for someone from the phone service to show up and add a line. When someone switches departments, or you move a whole department to another building, the online portal lets you make those changes yourself with a few mouse-clicks.

#2 The online portal is easy to manage.

With Jive’s Admin Portal, you can use the drag-and-drop functionality and wizard tools to quickly and easily create user groups, establish permissions that give staff members varying levels of access to the portal, modify dial plans and schedules, and much more. The possibilities are endless. How you configure the system is completely up to you—no IT degree required.

#3. It’s secure.

Jive is dedicated to keeping your data and communications safe. That’s why access to the online portal is delivered via a secure SSL connection and is password protected. Even inside the portal, only users with the right permissions—assigned by you—are able to make changes to the overall system, including ‘billable’ changes like adding new extensions or enabling international dialing.

#4. People can customize their own line/extension.

Your employees have the ability to configure settings specific to their communications preferences, like Find Me / Follow Me, voicemail settings, and personal call logs and reports for their extension. That way, administrators maintain control of system-wide settings while your employees are free to customize their personal settings.

#5. The portal’s included in the standard cost.

Jive’s portal is an integrated part of the Jive hosted solution, included at no additional cost. You don’t have to pay us to make your office phone system fit your needs. With Jive’s online portal, you can easily do what you want. We even provide portal-specific support, including online training videos and 24x7x365 customer care and technical solutions.

Jive’s online portal gives you greater command of your office phones so you can easily make the changes you want. With the portal, you don’t need to be a technician or computer whiz to make routine changes to your system.

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