Is Hosted VoIP Future-Proof?

Businesses today understand that technology is essential to their success. However, technology changes at a very rapid pace—so you have to make sure that the tools you invest in now will still be useful in the future. This means it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest business tools when something new seems to be introduced every day.

That said, if you’re a business owner, the promise of new technology is often accompanied by apprehension. Though you’ve invested time, effort, and money into a new platform designed to help run your business better, you may now wonder if it will still deliver optimal results after just a few years. Maybe you’re undecided about a particular tool. But how do you choose one that won’t be obsolete in just a few months?

Among all the recent technologies that grapple with these concerns, Hosted VoIP has managed to prove itself as a useful and indispensable tool for modern businesses. In fact, IBISWorld says that the industry’s contribution to the global economy is expected to increase at a rate of 15.3% annually—demonstrating the growth of the segment. But is the platform indeed future-proof? The following reasons demonstrate why Hosted VoIP is not only here to stay, but also how it’s going to be a vital communication tool for the future.

1. SaaS-based platforms are redefining future services.

Hosted VoIP is typically offered following the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means customers pay the VoIP provider for access to the platform and all of its features, as opposed to having to invest in infrastructure and hardware themselves.

The SaaS model is becoming a primary option for small to medium enterprises (SME), which also happens to be one of the fastest growing segments in business; given that it gives them access to robust communication features at a more manageable cost. To that end, bolstered by the consistent growth of SMEs, Hosted VoIP is poised to become the preferred communication tool for businesses in the years to come.

2. Continued growth of the broadband Internet is expected.

The very backbone of Hosted VoIP technology is the Internet, which also continues to evolve. More and more people rely on the Internet to serve their communication needs. At the same time, telecommunications providers continue their drive to improve connectivity, reliability, and speed.

Hosted VoIP runs on the Cloud. Therefore, having a dependable Internet connection is critical to its functionality. Given the continued development in this field, Hosted VoIP will inevitably continue to see improvements that allow the platform to evolve and keep up with advancements in Internet connectivity.

3. New business trends are redefining the modern workplace.

The way we communicate is changing largely due to technology and the evolving habits of today’s workforce.

There are two definitive business trends that are redefining the way modern workplaces operate today—remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Work from home programs—driven by a renewed focus on work/life balance; the rise of remote teams—prompted by globalization and cost-efficiency; and BYOD programs—propelled by employees opting to use their own devices—requires a platform that will support and complement these evolving needs.

Hosted VoIP easily addresses all of these. The flexibility of Hosted VoIP systems means it’s easy for businesses to onboard and communicate with team members regardless if they’re using personal devices or company-issued tools. Following a SaaS business model means it can be easily scaled and tailored according to your current needs. It can help save cost since there’s no need to pay upfront installation and operation costs. Also, as Hosted VoIP runs on the Cloud, geographically dispersed teams can access the same set of communication features that facilitate easy coordination and transparency.

The future of Hosted VoIP is bright. And while no one can actually predict what the future will bring, Hosted VoIP does prove itself to be a reliable option so businesses can plan on being flexible, mobile, and resilient.

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