Communicating the Real Value of VoIP Phones to Executives


VoIP phones are a modern solution that addresses prevalent business communication and collaboration problems in the workplace. Despite these notable advantages, the adoption rate of VoIP and cloud-based telephony is expected to rise in the coming years. While that’s a significant jump from reported statistics from just a few years ago, it does illustrate that a great number of businesses are opting to stick to inefficient legacy systems.

If your company is still using a traditional phone system, then your executive team may be the reason for this. As decision makers for the entire organization, executives are responsible for approving the implementation of new tools and technologies on a company-wide scale. If they haven’t, it’s likely they have yet to recognize the advantages that shifting to a modern, cloud-based platform can offer.

To that end, here are some compelling reasons you can communicate the real value of VoIP phones to your executive team:

1. Easy scalability for business growth

Any business’ long-term goal is to grow and expand. However, one of the most common problems growing businesses encounter is that they overlook just how important communication and collaboration is to sustain their success.

Often, companies find themselves doubling their employees as their business grows and eventually realizing that they need their communication tools and infrastructure to keep up. This isn’t the easiest or most affordable thing to do using legacy phone systems.

Some of the issues businesses face using traditional phone systems:

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With VoIP phone systems, you can handle growth seamlessly. If the vendor also offers a simple per seat pricing structure, it’s as easy as letting providers know the number of employees you are adding to your team.

2. Improves mobility for your employees

The main issue employees face with legacy systems is that productivity is tied to their work cubicles. To be accessible by team members, they have to remain at their desk by the phone. This isn’t the case with VoIP phones. Employees can enjoy more mobility without having to sacrifice productivity through its numerous features such as a central messaging system, extension dialing, and many more.

3. VoIP phones reduce overall business communication cost and inefficiencies

Organizations depend a lot on their employees’ ability to communicate with colleagues. Having a reliable means of communication between team members ensures better team efficiency and output, minimizing back and forth and the possibility of errors. However, consistent communication can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when the only option is using traditional phone systems that tether you to your desk.

Fortunately, VoIP phones can significantly lower the cost of calls. Data calls are significantly less expensive than traditional long distance rates, which already cuts down on operational expenses. In addition, VoIP phones also offer multiple communication options that allow employees to reach out to team members at the speed of need—from email to instant messaging, to text—depending on the urgency and communication purpose.

4. VoIP phones can help reduce installation, configuration, and maintenance costs

For most of the executive team, their big picture view of the business allows them to maintain a lot of focus on the business’ bottom line. At the end of the day, a good decision maker and leader will go with solutions that will help them save cost and achieve the best efficiency.

With traditional systems, companies need to invest money for hardware, physical equipment and configuration, as well as regular maintenance—which can add up to a costly amount. With VoIP phones, implementation is easy, fast, and efficient—and it’s all handled by a third party provider.

Emphasizing these four points will surely help your executive team understand the relevance of VoIP phones. If you want to find out more, be sure to contact us at GoToConnect so we can discuss what our platform can do for your company.