Success Story: Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise Virtual Solutions To deliver high-quality service for all of its clients, Arise needed to replace its reliance on phone support and limited remote control tools with the best customer support solution available.

Arise turned to Rescue for its remote support needs. Rescue is extremely reliable, minimizing dropped connections and latency. Unlike other options on the market, Rescue offers a variety of advanced capabilities that other options can’t match.

By deploying Rescue, Arise reduced its resolution times, increased its agents’ customer service capabilities and cut costs significantly.
Arise Virtual Solutions has created a disruptive technology platform that connects the world’s biggest brands with a previously untapped network of small business owners and their agents.  This entrepreneurial network of work-from-home Service Partners creates exceptional customer experiences that increase sales, improve loyalty, and speed customer growth. The Arise® Platform enables Brands to transform the relationship between their company and their customers through state-of-the-art security, access to Brand advocates, and on-demand flexible capacity to handle sudden or seasonal volume changes.

“Rescue is a breath of fresh air. All of the people we’ve worked with have been very responsive to our needs. GoTo provides excellent support – and at Arise we know all about excellence in support.”


-Allen McClure

Service Desk Manager, Arise Virtual Solutions

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