Transforming Collaboration with AI


Collaboration drives new ideas, strategies, and responses to changing business conditions. It's the fuel of innovation. So it's no surprise that what businesses really want from their meeting and communications solutions is the ability to capture, share, and act on information more easily and efficiently. A UCC solution enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) technology provides practical, pragmatic tools that deliver these results.

Imagine enabling all your employees to automate the tasks they find mundane - like setting up meetings, recording and transcribing them, and distributing notes afterwards. Everyone can focus on the meeting purpose and information shared in it, rather than housekeeping items. But more importantly, AI also enables truly intelligent communications. An AI-enhanced UCC solution can monitor voice or text conversations and respond to specific words or phrases in real-time – for example, by pushing specific KPIs to participants' screens as someone mentions them or generating automated responses to frequently asked questions.

AI can also analyze the content of meetings to improve processes and create more intelligent workflows. Automatic follow up with action items and integrations with bots that begin workflows on voice command can automate progress toward your business goals. Team engagement can be encouraged by tracking who talks in meetings, how much, and what they’re saying.

If you aren't already excited about AI's potential to turbocharge effective collaboration, you're behind the curve. In a recent survey from Ovum, more than eight in ten IT leaders surveyed were on board with AI, with half (49%) evaluating it with specific use cases in mind, and another third (32%) already using it. Companies with a global presence were most enthusiastic, showing 11% more interest in investing in AI intelligence and digital assistants than companies that compete only in a national market.

Another recent survey we commissioned with IDG shows that 71% of IT leaders who are interested in AI have already deployed it somewhere in their organization or plan to do so in the next 12 months. One in three expected to be using AI in their meetings a year from now. The AI-enabled tools they were most enthusiastic about were predictive technology that alerts users to upcoming meetings, reminds them of tasks, and suggests follow-ups (45%); the ability to record and transcribe meeting notes (43%); and virtual assistants and chatbots (34%).

GoTo delivers on all those needs with our Smart Meeting Assistant, which records meetings, including audio, screen-shared content, and every participant's webcam. It stores the recording with a full transcription in the cloud, generating a simple link for sharing. Recipients can jump quickly to the most important part of the transcript by using the meeting assistant's ability to find and highlight key insights and action items – a real game-changer for anyone who needs to refresh their memory before making a decision, not to mention anyone juggling scheduling conflicts. 


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Read the full whitepaper from IDG to learn more.

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