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GoTo is thrilled to be the “Official Flexible Work Technology Partner” of SBAA

GoTo makes IT easy and affordable for small and midsize businesses who need to connect with anyone, anywhere – while resolving IT challenges fast.

To celebrate our partnership with SBAA, we're giving the SBAA community an exclusive offer of 25% OFF all GoTo products.

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  • Manage essential connections with your customers and employees with a single application for ALL your business communications and IT support needs.
  • Maximise customer engagement with unified multi-channel communications including phone, video conferencing, web chat, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Make data-driven decisions that boost customer satisfaction and revenue with powerful reporting and analytics.
  • Support your employees and customers with remote support & access, conversational ticketing, IT automation, and zero-trust security – all in one platform.
  • And much more!

*Limited time offer. Discount taken at the time of purchase and applies for the initial term set forth in the
order (minimum of 12 months). Only applicable to monthly service charges. Not valid with any other offers.
Offer ends 30 June, 2023.