5 Top Qualities to Consider When Choosing a Hosted VoIP Provider


Hosted VoIP—following in the footsteps of email—has proven itself to be a game changer for business efficiency, communications, and collaboration. Early critics may have dismissed it as a passing fad, but Hosted VoIP has become a truly indispensable communication technology.

Tech trends that drive the growth of businesses are not new. But very few actually make a definitive impact that stands the test of time. VoIP is claiming its long-term ‘here to stay’ position. As a result, hosted providers are seeing impressive adoption rates. Experts project that by the end of 2018, only 6 percent of the US population will use traditional phone systems.

It’s likely that your company is already looking into implementing Hosted VoIP. While doing so, it’s important to choose the right VoIP provider—one that meets all your needs and requirements.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a VoIP provider:

#1. Cost

First of all, what VoIP features do you actually need? A good provider won’t nickel-and-dime you with surprise costs from feature activation fees and service tiers. There’s no need to pay extra for standard features such as auto attendants, conference bridges, voicemail boxes, custom music and messages, ring groups etc. A dependable Hosted VoIP provider provides you with access to a comprehensive set of services to ensure efficient business operations.

#2. Security

Like any other computing technology, Hosted VoIP is vulnerable to security breaches and attacks—unless the provider take appropriate precautions. Comprehensive system and network security should always take top priority.

#3. Reliability

This can cover everything from the provider’s ability to offer customer support at the speed of need, their dependability in terms of ensuring system uptime, and the disaster recovery protocols they have in place.

#4. Support

It’s important that third-party providers, particularly those that offer Hosted VoIP solutions, provide technical support that’s accessible 24/7. You want to be able to reach your provider when something comes up, regardless of whether it’s a simple question or a complicated technical concern. Communicating via email is not enough. Your Hosted VoIP provider should be accessible on an on-call basis. The best providers understand that round-the-clock support is critical and expected.

#5. Quality

Hosted VoIP, despite being fairly new, has evolved significantly since it was first introduced. Case in point, you no longer have to worry about choppy calls over Hosted VoIP systems. Asa result, most smartphones today use Hosted VoIP technology to make calls. Today, you can now enjoy better sound quality over hosted voice systems without incurring expensive long-distance charges. That said, the quality of the calls may still vary between vendors, depending on factors like bandwidth capacity or your Internet connection speed.

Furthermore, the best providers have the capacity to review your network and suggest specific ways you can improve your hardware before you start migrating to a Hosted VoIP system. This helps you get the most out of your communications technology.

So, if you’re considering the switch from traditional landlines to a cloud-based phone system, contact Jive for a free quote.

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