Get everyone up and running with the admin console

GoTo Admin’s streamlined management console lets you simplify secure logins, connect users to help desk support, and much more – all in one place.

Make admin easier than ever

The GoTo Admin console makes managing multiple processes simpler than ever – and keeps it all in one place. Use it to:

  • Streamline user management Add users and create user groups seamlessly.
  • Manage user access Make logins simple with Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Configure account security Use Two-Factor Authentication to keep systems secure.
  • Set up help desk channels Make it easy for end users and agents to communicate.
  • Create and run reports Easily track activity and user status.
Use the GoTo Admin console to streamline user management, manage user access, configure account security, set up help desk channels, and create and runs reports.

What can you do with GoTo Admin?

Say goodbye to long, complicated setup processes and task management with our intuitive, secure approach to remote account administration.

Easy setup

  • Add users and user groups, all in one place, in just seconds.
  • Customize agent level permissions at individual and group levels.
  • Grant access to Remote Support, Helpdesk, Mobile Support, and Camera Share functions.
  • Manage user setup across your environment by analyzing user activity and status reporting.
GoTo Admin simplifies the set up process by customizing agent level premissions and managing user setup.

See how easy it is to use the GoTo Admin console

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Woman uses GoTo Admin console as part of her GoTo Resolve free trial.

GoTo Resolve is more than just an admin console

Advanced features and capabilities make more possible for remote and in-house teams.

  • Security architecture

    Go beyond the basic requirements with technology built with a security-first mindset and zero trust architecture that locks out malicious actors.
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  • Unattended access

    Work on any machine, even without the end user present. Remote unattended access helps keep everyone up and running.
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  • Conversational ticketing

    Modernize your IT help desk by bringing the support request process onto the messaging platforms your teams are already using, like MS Teams.
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GoTo Resolve at-a-glance

Simplify problem-solving for both IT and employees. Receive requests, triage problems, and fix issues fast.

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  • Streamline support and respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place.

    Streamline support

    Respond, act, and resolve issues – all in one place. Now getting help is as easy as having a conversation.
  • Maximize productivity with time-optimizing features like unattended access.

    Maximize productivity

    Time-optimizing features like unattended access and multi-session handling let agents and employees get more done.
  • Make secure I-T simple and keep systems safe while business stays up and running.

    Make secure IT simple

    With enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade ease of use, systems stay safe while business stays up and running.

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