What's new: Endpoint protection, MDM, AI scripting, and more



Over the past few months, the GoTo Resolve team has been busy improving our product as part of our continuous commitment to helping our customers do more with less. With that, we’ve prepared a roundup of all the new features and enhancements that have been introduced to GoTo Resolve lately!

GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection

Powered by Bitdefender, GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection is a powerful new security add-on for GoTo Resolve’s suite of IT management and support tools.

Screenshot of GoTo Resolve Endpoint Protection powered by Bitdefender: protects businesses against malware, viruses, and other malicious threats.

Providing enterprise-class security to safeguard businesses against diverse attack vectors including malware, viruses, and other malicious threats with key features including:

Quick and full scans:

Conduct both area-specific quick scans and full system scans, providing flexibility based on security needs and time constraints.

Unified system management

With a centralized dashboard, manage security settings, activate firewalls, deploy updates, and monitor the security status of endpoints, all from a single location.

Up-to-date antivirus definitions

Automatic, seamless updates to antivirus definitions across all endpoints minimize vulnerabilities and protect against new malware and viruses to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Real-time protection

Always-on protection continuously monitors for potential threats, offering proactive defense while running in the background to avoid disruptions.

GoTo Resolve MDM

A new mobile device management solution is now available as an add-on to GoTo Resolve’s core remote monitoring and management (RMM) offering or as a standalone solution.

Screenshot of GoTo Resolve MDM: A new mobile device management solution to manage devices running iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS

GoTo Resolve MDM includes all the features needed to streamline management of devices running iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS, such as:

Support all major operating systems

No device type is left behind with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS coverage.

Enforce data protection

Lock down sensitive company data with a wide range of security settings including disk encryption and mandatory strong passcodes, track and wipe devices remotely, and more.

Simplify control and configurations

Reduce the burden on IT teams by easily pushing device configurations, restrictions, updates, and applications via mass-deployment policies or individual installations.

Deliver real-time analytics

Keep a pulse on endpoints with insights on device hardware and software and monitor devices from any location.

Automate device setup

Easily enroll new devices remotely with pre-configured settings and applications to automatically comply with company policies out of the box.

AI-powered script generator

With GoTo Resolve’s AI-powered script generator, it is possible to execute remote commands, using simple, natural language instructions. Spend less time writing scripts and more time focused on your work with the added support of AI, helping you write new automated scripts or improving existing ones.

Screenshot of GoTo Resolve’s AI-powered script generator: Execute remote commands using simple, natural language instructions.Screenshot of GoTo Resolve’s AI-powered script generator: Execute remote commands using simple, natural language instructions.

EU instance support

GoTo Resolve provides data privacy enhancements such as the option to store customer content data in the EU.

MSP dashboard

The new dashboard helps MSPs gain real-time visibility into the most important RMM and ticketing metrics across all managed accounts. With easy navigation and a customizable layout, the dashboard serves as a centralized hub to monitor accounts needing attention and take the necessary actions.

Setting business hours and turnaround time to helpdesk services (SLAs)

This latest feature will support users in streamlining support processes with defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for helpdesk services. From GoTo Admin, IT Admins can define opening hours to helpdesk services as well as standard turnaround time for ticket resolution.

Remote Sound

With remote sound, IT agents can remotely access the audio on an end-user’s device. A new toolbar button is now available, which opens a stream from the remote computer and plays the audio on the agent’s device. With this feature, IT agents benefit from a new tool to elevate remote support capabilities and streamline troubleshooting.

Agent permission enhancements

With more settings available in GoTo Admin, it is now possible to set granular user permissions for managed sessions, RMM features, device management, and more.

Time tracking for tickets

With this added field, track how much time is actively spent on resolving tickets. This field is displayed on each ticket in the helpdesk reporting, aggregated if grouped by category, and also available in the CSV export.

Ending Processes from Quick View Panel

A refreshed Quick View panel with a new component, making it possible for IT Admins to end processes running on a remote device directly from a single location.

Get started with the new and improved GoTo Resolve today

It's time to simplify your support process with the all-in-one IT support solution, GoTo Resolve. Our latest features, including GoTo Resolve MDM, endpoint protection, and AI-powered script generator, are just some of the reasons making GoTo Resolve the most comprehensive and only IT support solution you need.

Learn more about these updates and what’s coming in our July Release & Roadmap Webinar.

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