Increase resolution rates and enhance customer satisfaction with secure, one-click remote support sessions and integrated ticket notes and recordings.

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Ever wondered how your agents could start a fast and secure remote support session directly from a ServiceNow ticket? Look no further: GoTo Resolve is now available in ServiceNow to do just that.

Dazzle your customers by how fast your agents can resolve their problems during an instant screen-sharing session. Use the GoTo Resolve App in ServiceNow to start a one-click support session that makes all your customers happy. When the support session ends, notes and recordings are automatically pulled into the ServiceNow ticket for record-keeping purposes. No need to use yet another system to manage remote support sessions. Mind-blowing, right?

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Provide Integrated Remote Support

From a ServiceNow ticket, your agents can initiate an instant online support session with a single click to access and control a customer’s PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device.

Raise Productivity and Revenue

GoTo Resolve for ServiceNow makes it easier and faster to support your customers, helping you drive productivity and increase revenue. Way to make a good ticketing system great.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A quick glimpse into your customer’s issue during a remote support session makes your agents superheroes. Tackling issues quickly increases first-contact resolution rates and enhances customer satisfaction.

How to install

Note: Agents must have a valid GoTo Resolve account to use this App as well as a locally running desktop PC or Mac GoTo Resolve application.

The App allows you to easily initiate and manage GoTo Resolve remote support sessions from a ServiceNow ticket. Here’s how your agents can use this app in ServiceNow:

  1. Install this App from the ServiceNow App Marketplace (as a ServiceNow Administrator).
  2. Agents must sign in to GoTo Resolve (Single Sign On is available).
  3. Agents can start using the App.

The App install process only requires you to confirm the title of the App. With the ServiceNow access management options, you can restrict certain roles. To start a remote support session in the App as an agent, do the following:

  1. From an existing ServiceNow ticket, select Start a session to initiate your GoTo Resolve application.

    Once ready, the App will display the unique Generated Session ID.
  2. Click Share invite ticket to send the support session link to the customer.
  3. Click Join my session to enter the support session as an agent.

    When the Session is underway, the App will indicate In Session.
  4. Once you close the support session, key details of the session are copied to the ticket.
  5. You should save the ticket to ensure session details are retained.

Note: When you sign in for the first time use, or when updates are available, clicking Start Session will manage the appropriate downloads for both the agent and the invited party. Different browsers will have slightly different methods to enable pops-up's for to launch the GoTo Resolve session.