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Eliminate the need to manually import data between marketing and events, thereby increasing speed, productivity and reducing costly errors.
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GoTo Webinar customers can now leverage their webinar data directly within Oracle|Eloqua. This app eliminates the need to manually import data between the marketing and events, increasing speed, productivity and reducing costly errors. With this integration, you can seamlessly register a contact who is in that step of a campaign with a specific GoTo Webinar. You can also create decisions to determine if someone has registered or attended your event.

Have questions? Visit Oracle Cloud Marketplace for assistance with this integration. If you need help using GoTo Webinar, head to customer support.

How To Install

Important: The installation process must be done by a user with client administrator rights


System Requirements

· Create a GoTo Webinar connected app.


1. Follow the URL provided: Link 

Note: If you have IP whitelisting enabled, add internal Eloqua IPs to your whitelist.


2. Click Get App.
3. Log in with your Eloqua credentials, if required.
4. Click Accept and Install to add the app to your Apps list.

5. Configure the app:
a. Add a single custom connected app:
- Click the Add Credentials card in the Connected App Credentials section.
- Enter a name, app key, and app secret for your custom app.

Warning: If you add a new connected app, all GoTo Webinar app users will have to re-authenticate their GoTo Webinar credentials