The benefits of mobile apps to a modern workforce



What would you do with one extra hour a day? The United States Census Bureau cites that working from home has given this time back. The world faced immeasurable challenges with COVID-19, but we also found some positives peeking through. One extra hour can be reinvested in friends, families, and in ourselves.

Demand for flexible-work is soaring

An hour might seem trivial, but the pandemic changed the way we work. Flexible work looks different for everyone. It might be adjusted hours for child care, or taking work on the road. It might be work from home some days and commuting to the office on others. Overall, workers don’t want to give it up. According to Gartner Research, 7 out of 10 employees will now refuse a job that does not offer flexible work or remote work. Thankfully most employers are taking notice and are adapting. They want to make their employees happy. In a big leap from the 5% that adopted remote work by 2019, over half (55% in the US) of all workers this year will be offered flexible-work permanently.

Flexible work requires flexible access to productivity tools

At GoTo, we hear from customers that they want to be flexible, but their tech stack holds them back. For example, when they step outside the office they don’t have access to their “desk phone.” Often they take calls from a personal cell phone creating a disjointed user experience. The mobile experience needs to be better.

Flexibility in where you work means being flexible in how you work. Different days might require different devices. It should be easy to jump between phone, meeting, and chat, through one application, with one secure login. Whether it's Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, you have the same access to your communication and collaboration tools. And above all, have the ability to choose what works best for you.

The benefits of mobile apps

1. Robust features to route calls on the go

When your phone system is housed in a single mobile or desktop application, your business phone is always with you. Calls can be routed to the same extension and answered anywhere. You also don’t miss out on convenient features like call forwarding and call recording. It’s easy to use and best for business continuity and employee flexibility.

2. Seamless switching between desktop and mobile

Video meetings allow us to remotely meet face to face with colleagues, and that flexibility doesn’t have to be bound to a desktop. A mobile app gives one-touch access to the same meeting on any device. Users can also switch between the desktop and mobile app, staying connected while on the go.

3. A flexible work toolkit at your fingertips

In the past year, downloads of our GoTo mobile application soared by over 1000%. The people have spoken — mobile adoption underscores the importance of working-on-the-go to the modern workforce. Whether it’s making and receiving calls straight from your laptop, joining customer meetings seamlessly from your mobile device, or fielding queries from colleagues on your tablet, mobile apps help you get work done, anywhere. With a mobile app, your workspace is no longer bound to a desk.

Your device needs the GoTo app. Our best-in-class solutions — Phone, Meeting, Messaging and Contact Center — are easy to access and simple to use wherever work gets done, and on any device. True flexible work needs a flexible work toolkit.

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