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The future of work is here, and it’s remote.

Just a decade or so ago, companies allowing their employees to work from home was an exception. Now, it’s fast becoming the norm at many organizations. While many companies today are quickly considering remote work to keep employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, our belief is this is the future of work either way. even Gartner predicts that by next year, half of the U.S. will work outside the traditional office setting most of the time.

Still, remote employees require a unique set of tools, skillsand tactics that differ from those of office-dwellers. As such, workers who expect to easily pivot from a physical workplace to working remotely will not be successful without making a few dramatic changes to their new environment.

After many years of both working from home and working for companies that create tools to help enable remote work, I have developed several proven strategies that make remote work more effective, productiveand fun. That’s why, today, we’re releasing the first of a four-part series on remote work tips, hosted by yours truly.

Whether you find yourself working from your actual home, a coffee shopor a coworking space, you need the right tools to ensure you’re just as productive remotely as you would be in the office. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

  • First, you’ll need reliable online meeting software. Of course I’m biased towards GoToMeeting, but for good reason! Our HD video, crystal-clear audio, screen sharing abilities and other innovative features make it the easiest, most effective tool for me and my team.
    • Couple your software with a quality headset – my favorites are the Sennheiser SC60 and the Logitech H650E – and choose computer audio or VoIP whenever possible.
  • For those who use their webcams, let there be light! If you’re backlit or in a shadow, your colleagues won’t be able to see much. To alleviate this frustration, position yourself in front of a window for some natural light, or shop around for a desk lamp that you can place next to your monitor.
  • Lastly, you could have the world’s greatest home office setup, but it’s all for naught if you’re connecting with colleagues in a conference room that has subpar equipment. The smartest huddle room solutions are innovative enough to bridge this gap and make everyone feel like they’re next to each other. I’ve seen the greatest success with Dolby Voice Room: it has a 4K camera with scene framingalong with whiteboard capture and incredible audio pickup. 

That’s it for today – stay tuned for Episode 2: The Right Environment next week. I’ll be discussing how to optimize your remote space for maximum productivity and efficiency. See you then!

Expertise and Best Practices for Embracing Remote Work

Don’t forget to visit our new resource center, with tips and best practices on how to master the shift to remote working for employees, managers and IT teams. We will be continuing to update this page and our social channels with educational materials from both LogMeIn staff and third party experts in the coming days and weeks. You can learn more by visiting our remote work resource center.