A new way to think about modern IT management


Traditional IT management solutions are failing to keep pace with user needs because work is changing faster today than ever. More hybrid work infrastructure and the aggregation of more IT tools have only created more IT complexity and confusion. Here are the challenges IT teams are facing and a radically refreshing solution for modern IT management.

The root of the problem: complexity

Work is no longer office-bound, but can happen from home, the office, or anyplace. In today's flexible work world, small and midsized business (SMB) IT teams must manage and support more devices on and off network, as well as support physical equipment like home WiFi routers, headsets, printers, and more. Modernizing IT management and support technology will address these complex demands in a way that's flexible, scalable, and sustainable for the long-term.

Since hardware, software, and IT infrastructure are the heartbeat of how work happens today, IT support must keep monitoring for more potential points of failure. To make matters even harder, cyberthreats have grown with the shift towards remote and hybrid work.

To meet these accelerating challenges, IT has been adopting multiple tools over the course of time to support remote and hybrid work. But the aggregation of tools has created even more complexity. Any effective IT modernization strategy requires easy-to-use solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflows, not an amalgamation of disconnected and "MacGyver-ed" tools that require agents to switch between app windows and logins to capture and solve problems. According to an IDC study commissioned by GoTo, only about half of businesses are satisfied with the tools and technologies they have for (1) endpoint management, (2) endpoint security, (3) remote access/support/management, and (4) ITSM. Modern IT management needs to do better.

Enter simplicity: An all-in-one solution

What is modern IT management? It's a consolidated, IT management tool purpose-built for today’s flexible, constantly evolving work world.

Traditional IT management simply doesn’t address the accelerating needs of supporting flexible work, which is how work happens today. Adding more disconnected and re-purposed tools to the pile will only create an unwieldy, impossible-to-control IT infrastructure. You can call it a "platform," but it looks like Frankenstein.

IT professionals understand that simply aggregating disconnected IT tools has increased complexity and created more security vulnerabilities. In an IDG survey sponsored by GoTo, more than 6 in 10 forward-thinking companies are doing something about technology sprawl and are actually consolidating tools.

Meet GoTo Resolve

To help SMBs fully embrace new working models like remote and hybrid work, GoTo has introduced GoTo Resolve, a new, all-in-one solution that delivers instant IT infrastructure modernization. GoTo Resolve helps IT professionals streamline their help desk by bringing together the tools they need to discover, respond, and resolve issues—all in one place. It combines game-changing remote monitoring and management (RMM) software with remote support, conversational ticketing, and a zero trust architecture into a single, consolidated IT management & support tool. By bridging requests with resolutions, agents spend less time maneuvering between disconnected tools while admins have a single login to provision and manage accounts. It’s secure, streamlined, and easy to use.

3 massive advantages of consolidation

1. Ease of use

Life’s too short to fill out tickets and toggle between disconnected support tools. GoTo Resolve is your “one-stop IT shop,” streamlining your IT help desk by bringing together modern tools to manage your infrastructure, receive requests, triage problems, and fix issues quicker within one powerful platform. From incident creation to in-message conversational interactions through problem resolution, you have the power to handle any employee IT issue.

2. Flexibility

Whether you need to manage ten devices across the hall or a thousand devices across the globe, GoTo Resolve has the flexibility to put you and your agents in control. Agents can choose the best solution to solve the problem in the fastest time—whether it's a quick view of your infrastructure or full remote control of a device.

3. Enterprise-level security

You don’t have to sacrifice security for simplicity. With enterprise-grade security and consumer-grade ease of use, GoTo Resolve helps keep your IT ecosystem safe from cyberthreats and malicious actors. Featuring end-to-end encryption, enterprise-level SSO, and a zero trust architecture to safeguard remote access, our solution is easy to use and deployable in just minutes. Which is how long it takes to elevate your IT to the next level.

Want modern IT management software that manages to make IT easy? Get GoTo Resolve.