What is your IT tech stack costing you, really?

Woman on laptop working.

Is it time to consolidate your IT toolkit?

With remote and hybrid arrangements, teams are working across devices and apps, on different networks, and in locations all over the world. A solid IT framework is more important than ever to keep everyone up and running.

Too many tools can result in exorbitant costs, disjointed experiences, and too much time in training. The right tech has the power to make support simpler for employees, customers – and admins.

Consolidating tools and vendors is key to getting more done across organizations. In fact:

  • 92% of businesses want to reduce IT burden through the right software choice
  • 45% of IT leaders say it’s time consuming and costly to manage multiple tools
  • 42% of IT leaders say they are paying for underutilized or unused technology

In this eBook, we’ll explore practical strategies for evaluating the true costs of point solutions, the pros and cons of consolidation, and what IT functionality can and should be consolidated to work better for your team.

It’s time to simplify IT

See what an all-in-one IT management and support solution can do for your business.