GoTo Resolve vs TeamViewer

Unlike TeamViewer, GoTo Resolve offers ultra-secure IT support with SSO and ticketing included – as well as built-in Remote Monitoring and Management.

Looking for the best TeamViewer alternative? Meet GoTo Resolve.
GoTo Resolve TeamViewer
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Remote Monitoring and Management Green checkmark. Red cross to indicate unavailability.
Helpdesk ticketing Green checkmark. Red cross to indicate unavailability.
Industry-leading zero trust security Green checkmark. Red cross to indicate unavailability.
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See how GoTo Resolve beats TeamViewer

Zero Trust Security Architecture

Unlike the security risks associated with TeamViewer’s reusable ID and password login method1 – GoTo Resolve offers the industry’s first zero trust identity-based access control tool, mitigating risk with unique session codes and a simple run-only applet.

Diagram of GoTo Resolve's zero trust security architecture with signature key

Built-in RMM functionality

GoTo Resolve’s built-in lightweight Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools allow you to complete essential tasks like pulling system diagnostics, automating repetitive tasks, and installing software – without scripting knowledge. TeamViewer can’t match it.

Admin console view of GoTo Resolve's Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool with ability to pull system diagnostics, automating repetitive tasks, and software installation.

Included helpdesk ticketing

Without built-in ticketing, TeamViewer users rely on integrations, which add costs. GoTo Resolve’s easy-to-use, any-device ticketing solution is built right in. Conversational Ticketing brings helpdesk functionality onto MS Teams, and also works with traditional ticketing.

IT professional using GoTo Resolve's helpdesk ticketing feature on his laptop to answer a user's conversational ticket question about how to add a printer to their connected devices

A few reasons to think twice about TeamViewer

Hidden costs

Customers report that TeamViewer’s prices turn out to be drastically higher than they thought once necessary features like integrations, event logging, or SSO get factored in.2 GoTo Resolve remains the best TeamViewer alternative with simple and upfront pricing so you can make the best decisions for your budget.

Man frustrated looking at laptop due to hidden costs from IT management software platform, TeamViewer

Security breaches

Over the years, IT pros have moved away from TeamViewer. With the FBI issuing a warning3 about using TeamViewer, and the company’s delay in revealing a data breach,4 it’s no wonder IT pros choose GoTo’s zero trust security architecture and spotless security reputation.  

IT professional safely working from a coffee shop using GoTo Resolve's zero trust security feature

Limited functionality

TeamViewer only covers one element of IT support, leaving companies scrambling to meet all their needs, and dealing with more invoices, more vectors for vulnerabilities, and more trainings. GoTo Resolve remains the best free TeamViewer alternative by offering a complete solution on a simple, streamlined platform.

Side by side visual of GoTo Resolve features including remote support, device management, helpdesk ticketing, remote execution and reporting compared to limited features on competitor software
"GoTo Resolve allowed our small-but-mighty team of agents to provide a variety of support: from powerful proactive support like task automation to simple, fast remote control with ease."
Mark Darrah, Owner Nationwide IT Consultancy
"GoTo Resolve’s user- and agent-friendly remote support functionality is invaluable for our core support use cases, while the rapidly expanding endpoint management features give us many new avenues of support to offer our customers and grow our business."
Yaron Assabi, Founder Digital Solutions Group

See why IT pros pick GoTo Resolve

With so many amazing features, GoTo has become a favorite of IT pros across industries. Here’s just a glimpse of what GoTo Resolve offers:

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