GoTo Resolve vs AnyDesk

Looking for refreshingly simple, secure all-in-one IT support with ticketing and RMM included? GoTo Resolve offers a free AnyDesk alternative that gives you more. See how it compares.

Looking for the best AnyDesk alternative? Meet GoTo Resolve.
GoTo Resolve AnyDesk
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See why GoTo Resolve beats AnyDesk, anyday.

RMM functionality

Unlike AnyDesk, GoTo Resolve comes with built-in lightweight Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools, which allow IT to complete essential tasks like pulling system diagnostics, automating repetitive tasks, and installing software – without scripting knowledge.

Admin console view of GoTo Resolve's Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool with ability to pull system diagnostics, automating repetitive tasks, and software installation.

Helpdesk ticketing

GoTo Resolve comes with helpdesk ticketing included, allowing IT, HR and finance teams to manage their tickets on desktop, web, or mobile – using either traditional ticketing dashboards or modern conversational ticketing on MS Teams.

Admin console view of GoTo Resolve's ticket interface and tools.

Simple, secure end-user experience

AnyDesk agents must guide first-time users through downloading their application before assisting them. This creates confusion and hassle – and has even resulted in malware downloads.1 GoTo Resolve’s unique session codes, run-only applet, and zero trust security simply and safely simplify the process.

Admin console view of GoTo Resolve's remote support feature in the process of starting a new remote support session

Choose GoTo as your free AnyDesk alternative and avoid:

Security scams

Because AnyDesk requires a user download for ad hoc support, they made users vulnerable when a malware agent appeared higher than AnyDesk on search results, which many customers mistakenly downloaded.2 With GoTo Resolve, we’ve designed our process to be simpler for end users and leave less room for cyber attacks.

GoTo Resolve user joining a remote IT support session on their cell phone using a custom verification code

Disjointed systems

AnyDesk only covers one piece of the equation for IT support and management needs. Supplementing with other platforms to cover essential tasks such as device management and ticketing creates complexity and adds cost. GoTo offers all-in-one support that’s simpler than ever for IT teams.

GoTo Resolve's remote IT support tool with transfer session feature to allow one IT agent to transfer an existing remote desktop session to another agent.

Performance issues

Users of AnyDesk often complain that it’s riddled with performance and latency issues.3 The platform requires a very strong internet connection – and when providing ad hoc support, this isn’t always a given. GoTo’s lightweight architecture makes service accessible for all users.

IT professional on their computer using GoTo Resolve's remote IT support software
"GoTo Resolve allowed our small-but-mighty team of agents to provide a variety of support: from powerful proactive support like task automation to simple, fast remote control with ease."
Mark Darrah, Owner Nationwide IT Consultancy
"GoTo Resolve’s user- and agent-friendly remote support functionality is invaluable for our core support use cases, while the rapidly expanding endpoint management features give us many new avenues of support to offer our customers and grow our business."
Yaron Assabi, Founder Digital Solutions Group

See why IT pros pick GoTo Resolve

With so many amazing features, GoTo has become a favorite of IT pros across industries. Here’s just a glimpse of what GoTo Resolve offers:

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