When Working Remotely, a Consolidated Approach to Workforce Technologies is Key


This year has been a pivotal one for today's businesses in how they think about, invest in and organize their mix of workforce tools and technologies.

Organizations around the world saw tremendous increases not only in the use of video conferencing, but in security tools and remote access software as they realized exactly what workers needed to stay productive – and safe – from anywhere. To get a more tactical understanding of how this shift took place and what it means for the future of collaboration, LogMeIn partnered with 451 Research to identify the top areas where IT is increasing spend, and whether or not a more permanent shift to flex work will become the norm.

According to 451 Research:

  • 64% of businesses have put in place expanded and long-term remote work policies as a result of the pandemic
  • 35% of businesses are significantly rethinking their longer-term workforce technology strategies

As businesses carefully weigh budgets and adapt to new demands from the modern workforce, there are opportunities to address challenges that have long plagued both employees and IT. Improving the workforce’s productivity and collaboration experience was already a pre-pandemic priority – now, there's greater awareness of the friction employees experience across a growing sprawl of niche tools. Learning curves, basic problems in finding and sharing information, lackluster workflow capabilities, and tools generally not working well together – can aggregate into significant operational challenges that affect how businesses execute on their strategic initiatives

With remote work likely to normalize over the coming years, both opportunities and challenges remain – and businesses need to ensure that the greater flexibility around working styles doesn’t create more fragmentation. There will be a heavier emphasis on partnering with trusted vendors that can provide secure, frictionless experiences, as well as efficient and accessible customer support. In turn, organizations can institute more agility into both how IT manages technologies, and how employees execute on their work.

To download the full Business Impact Brief from 451 Research, click here.

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