Streamlining remote support connections in the work-from-home era

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#GoToGetsIT: This article is part of an ongoing series from GoTo’s thought leaders on the frontlines: Our Solutions Consultants deeply understand our customers’ unique challenges and connect the right solutions to meet their goals using GoTo technology. Here, they share their industry knowledge on what it takes to help businesses everywhere thrive in a remote or hybrid world.

Working from home has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Saving time once spent by commuting, allowing us to spend more time with the ones we love, and last but not least, to do our laundry in the middle of day so that we can watch our favorite series after work.

However, these benefits come with a cost: Both IT and end users must adapt to new ways of providing and receiving support.

Challenge: Complicated remote support connections

Based on feedback received from customers (and my personal experience as someone who worked in different support roles for years), one of the main challenges and most time-consuming part during a remote support session is not the actual troubleshooting and resolution of the issue, but rather the initial engagement and session establishment between the two parties. In other words, getting connected in the first place.

The ability to connect to a device is crucial to all troubleshooting scenarios. However, if the process itself is clunky and time-consuming, it can have a significant negative impact:

  • Decrease of major IT team KPIs, such as handling time, first call resolution, and abandoned calls
  • A frustrating customer and agent experience
  • Lower customer satisfaction

Simple solution: Fast, easy connections

Let’s see how GoTo Resolve makes getting into a remote support session easier with its various connection methods for the following support areas:

Desktop and laptop remote support

1. PIN code & easy-to-remember webpage

With this method, the agent simply provides the end user with a 6-digit PIN code and asks the user to open an easy-to-remember website, like

This allows for an on-demand connection via a downloadable .exe file. This .exe is valid only for that session and requires no installation, which makes it basically a zero-footprint solution.


2. PIN code & customized webpage

If you'd rather not use a public website as your remote support portal, GoTo Resolve supports your decision. We can provide you with the necessary HTML code so you can easily integrate the PIN page onto your own website or intranet page.

The customization of this page can help build trust between you and your end users, plus PIN code validation can be established. Through this feature, your PIN page will only accept PIN codes provided by your own technicians and from no one else – this will eliminate access by anyone else.

3. Pre-installed attended app & unattended access

While the first two options require the user to download an .exe file to get started, GoTo also provides the option of pre-installing the remote support application on a user’s device for an even more streamlined connection. This is especially useful when you provide ongoing support to the same user and device.

Attended app

The attended app is a pre-installed application that allows connection establishment without the need to download a one-time executable file. The application can be generated as an .MSI or .PKG for mass distribution. It runs under system tray with its unique purple logo. It doesn’t disturb the user but can be easily found when it’s needed. 

Once opened and the PIN code has been entered, the connection will be established immediately.


Unattended access

Another user-friendly approach is unattended access. This too can be generated as an .MSI or .PKG to allow for mass distribution. Once installed, a lightweight application runs in the background which will prompt the end user for their approval to establish an instant connection. This approval can happen in advance, and no further confirmation is necessary, so the tech can work on the device when the end user is not present.


Mobile device support

Now that we’ve seen how we can support PCs and Macs, let’s have a look at mobile device support. Based on our customers’ feedback, the most favored option is the text-based invitation method. With this connection method, all you need is the device’s phone number. The SMS (text message) to the end user will contain a session link. Once clicked, the connection will be automatically established through the local application.

If the end user does not already have the application, no problem. They will be redirected to the Google Play or the iOS App Store where the application can be downloaded. Afterwards, the remote session can be established.


Now, that we’ve covered two main areas, desktop and mobile device support, let’s see one of the most challenging scenarios, hardware support.

Hardware support

Without the right IT support technology to support physical devices and equipment, technicians must rely on (if lucky) their imagination to visualize the device as the user describes the issue. An alternative approach can be a video call such as WhatsApp or Facetime, but then the agent loses control over the data being shared and an application download is required, delaying the connection time.

Through GoTo Resolve’s visual engagement tool, livestream camera sharing can be established without the need for the end user to download any type of application.

Similar to how a mobile remote support connection is established, the invitation link can be sent via SMS. Once the link has been opened, instead of downloading any application, the session will instantly run within the phone’s web browser.


As you can see in this image of camera sharing in action, the technician can provide step-by-step visual assistance to the end user using annotations where needed. Again, no application download is required – the session runs within the phone’s browser.

Replace frustration with user friendliness

GoTo Resolve’s remote support solutions cover all possible IT support scenarios for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and hardware issues, while maintaining a secure, reliable, yet simple approach for all types of connection methods. The result is a much smoother experience for both end users and the IT support team.

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