Remote desktop access for accountants

Woman working in a home office on a laptop and smiling using easy remote desktop access for accountants


While remote work had been mandatory over the last few years, for some, it’s now business as usual. Remote work offers many time- and money-saving conveniences—no commute, no traffic, no additional overhead for office space, to name just a few. Like with other professions, we’re seeing many accountants and CPAs opting to work remotely or via a hybrid situation, thanks to remote desktop access.

What is remote desktop access for accountants and CPAs? It’s the ability to access a client’s computer network from a remote location—from the home or office. Accountants and CPAs can access remote desktops with any PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android device (depending on the solution you use) with an internet connection. Yet in addition to the ability to work offsite, remote access has other key benefits for accountants and CPAs.

Access financials on your time.

As clients are busy people, they’re not always available. That can create challenges, especially when you’re working on their taxes at crunch time. You have questions, you have deadlines to meet on their behalf, and you need to access their numbers. How, then, do you get your job done? Remote desktop access answers the challenge.

Remote access software gives you 24/7 access to client financials, QuickBooks, and other accounting software when you need it without having to purchase additional licenses to access them. Plus, you can remotely print income statements and other documents. As an added benefit, remote teams can collaborate and access securely stored documents as well.

Remote access software you can rely on.

But which remote access software is best? When accountants depend on IT to get their jobs done, they seek out software that’s fast, easy, and has stand-out security features. After all, you’re dealing with sensitive client data. Remote access software from GoTo checks all the boxes.

A leader in communications and collaboration solutions, GoTo offers two solutions for remote desktop access—GoToMyPC and GoTo Resolve. Both are easy to use, with security features built in.

For instance, GoTo Resolve’s zero-trust architecture is an industry-leading security model that checks for identity verification before running remote access.

Both solutions use TLS 1.2 and AES encryption for transferring user authentication data between remote computer and local computer. A unique password to access the remote computer acts as an extra layer of protection. In either case, GoTo offers a remote access solution that both accountants and CPAs—and their clients—can trust without fail, during tax season or year-round.

Beyond remote access – when your software offers more.

Making it easy to remotely access devices is just the beginning for some tools. GoTo Resolve, for instance, is an all-in-one remote IT management solution that also offers remote monitoring and management (RMM), on-demand remote support, camera sharing, and more. It helps keep your IT infrastructure healthy, supported, and up and running. This is key because as all accountants can surely attest, tax time is no time for downtime. Check out GoTo’s remote access solutions.

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